The Freiwilligen 2. Garde-Infanterie-Division was formed from the Imperial German 2. Garde-Infanterie-Division that was not demobilized after the end of the First World War. It was stationed in Oberschlesien where it was also known as 2. Division Freikorps Schlesien.
On 6 May 1919 soldiers from Freiwilligen 2. Garde-Infanterie-Division arrested thirty members of the Catholic St Joseph Society at Karolinenplatz in Munich, of these twenty one were killed.

It was used to form Reichswehr-Brigade 26 in June 1919.


Generalleutnant Friedrich von Friedeburg

Formed in the area of

Generalkommando des Garde-Korps (Berlin)

Order of battle

Freiw. 3. Garde-Inf.Brigade
- Freiw.Btl.Garde-Gred.Regt. 1
- Freiw.Btl.Garde-Gred.Regt. 2
- Freiw.Btl.Garde-Gred.Regt. 4
- Freiw.Leibgarde-Hus.Rgt.
- Freiw.Esk. 3 Garde-Ulan.Rgt.
- Freiw. 2. Garde-Feldart.Rgt.
Freikorps Eulenburg
Freiw.Garde-Greb.Rgt. 5

Notable members

- None known at this time -
(the ranks are the highest ranks reached in the Third Reich era)

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -