The Freiwilligen Brigade Reinhard saw action in Berlin against the spartacist rising and against the Poles in Upper Silesia.
It was used to form Reichswehr-Brigade 15 in June 1919.

Reinhard later raised a new Freikorps with this name and four companies from it fought against the Polish invasion in Upper Silesia.


Oberst Wilhelm Reinhard

Formed in the area of

Generalkommando des Garde-Korps (Berlin)

Manpower strength


Order of battle

Freiwilligen-Regiment Reinhard (from 4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß)
Freiwilligen-Regiment Rosen (from 2. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß)
Freiw.Btl. 3 Garde zu Fuß
Freiw.Garde-Feldartillerie Winterfeld

Notable members

Generalleutnant Rudolf Bamler (post-war a generalmajor in the Nationale Volksarmee of the German Democratic Republic)
SS-Gruppenführer & Bundesführer of the Reichskriegerbund Wilhelm Reinhard
(the ranks are the highest ranks reached in the Third Reich era)

Wilhelm Reinhard inspecting his troops in Friedrichshain in March 1919
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)

Recruitment poster
(Courtesy of United States Library of Congress)

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Reference material on this unit

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