The 1. Ungarisches SS-Sturmjäger Regiment was formed on 8 January 1945 and is believed to have been made up of approximately 5.000 Hungarian volunteers (probably from Waffen-Schi Bataillon der SS 25 and Waffen-Schi Bataillon der SS 26) and was attached to IV. SS-Panzerkorps. During the retreats of March 1945 the different parts of the regiment lost contact with each other but continued fighting as independent companies.
At the end of March parts of the regiment fought in Neusiedlersess as parts of I. SS-Panzerkorps Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler and II. SS-Panzerkorps.
The majority of the regiment is believed to have surrendered to the Americans.


SS-Sturmbannführer Kelemen Ridegh

Manpower strength

8 Jan 1945 - 1.500

Sources used

Antonio J. Munoz - Teutonic Magyars: Hungarian volunteers in the Waffen-SS (in The Hungarian Army and its military leadership in World War II by Andris J. Kursietis)

Reference material on this unit

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