The Szt. László Division was formed in October 1944 and was an elite unit made up of a mix of Army and Air Force personnel.

Elements of this unit saw action for the first time 19 December 1944 when they were used as emergency troops to plug gaps in the front. They suffered heavy losses during the fighting in Hungary and did not fight as a division until April 1945 when it had received manpower from several other units, including 6. Field Replacement Division, 7. Field Replacement Division and 8. Field Replacement Division, to cover the losses. The division continued to fight until ending the war in northern Croatia and southern Austria. When the war ended they crossed the Cor Alps and entered Carinthia where they surrendered to the British forces.
They were allowed to keep their weapons until a discussion with Tito's partisans had been settled, but they were soon transferred to the regular POW camps in Germany and Austria.


Brigadier General Zoltán Szügyi (12 Oct 1944 - 8 May 1945)

Honor Titles

This division was named after Saint Laszlo (also known as Ladislaus), king of Hungary 1077-1095 and patron saint of military men and exiles.

Order of Battle

1. (Parachute) Regiment
- Parachute Battalion
- Heavy Wapons Battalion
- Training Battalion
2. (Infantry) Regiment
- Royal Guards Infantry Battalion
- Royal Gendarmerie Battalion
3. (Air Force) Regiment (1)
1. Artillery Battalion
6. Artillery Battalion (mot)
9. Artillery Battalion
76. Artillery Battalion
1. Rocket Launcher Battalion
20. Assault Gun Battalion
Szt. László Combat Engineer Battalion (mot)
Szt. László Armored Reconnaissance Battalion
Szt. László Signal Battalion (mot)
Szt. László Division Supply Services HQ


1. This regiment was destroyed and replaced by 3. Fortress Regiment.

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Reference material on this unit

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