The Székler Command was formed in February 1943 and commanded the border defence units in the Székely Land, a part of Transylvania that was returned to Hungary as part of the Second Vienna Award in August 1940. It was made up a mix of border police, army border guard units and militia units.
It was disbanded in October 1944.


Brigadier General István Kozma (1 Feb 1943 - 1 Aug 1944)
Major General Ferenc Horváth (? Aug 1944 - ? Oct 1944)

Order of battle

Artillery Command
Székel Mountain Cavalry Company
IX Székel Anti-Aircraft Battalion (mot)
X Székel Engineer Battalion
X Székel Signals Battalion
Supply Service HQ
9 Border Guard Brigade
68 Border Guard Group
69 Border Guard Group

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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