Date Instituted

11 September 1939


No clear requirements.
All members of the Slovakian military who had served for at least 4 years was awarded this decoration 14 Mar 1944 on the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Slovak Republic. The class varied according to rank.

Number Awarded

3.769 (437 to Germans and 142 to Romanians)

SS-Oberführer Oskar Dirlewanger
(Courtesy of Oskar)


This was the third highest Slovakian order.

Awarded in these classes until June 1941:
1st Class with star
1st Class without star
2nd Class
3rd Class

Awarded in these classes after June 1941 (with or without swords):
Grand Cross
1st Class
2nd Class
3rd Class
4th Class
5th Class
6th Class
7th Class

(Courtesy of Emedals and Antiques & Militaria)

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