by Gareth Collins

Formed in August 1943 with its seat in Patras in West Greece and subordinate to the Kommandierender Admiral Ägäis. It was formed after Italy exited the war and German Forces took over the areas of Greece previously in Italian hands. The area of command ranged from the Italian-Albanian border to the Corinth Channel (but excluding it). On the Peloponnese it commanded a coastal strip in the north west coast at the Gulf of Patras and Gulf of Corinth. The command area also incorporated the islands of Corfu, Leucas, Ithaca, Kefallonia & Zante. It was dissolved in October 1944 when the area was evacuated.


Kapitän zur See Alexander Magnus (00 Aug 1943-00 Oct 1944)

Stabsoffizier beim Stabe (A I)
Fregattenkapitän Heinrich Boehm (00 Aug 1943-00 Sep 1943)
Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Dr.phil. Helmut Steib (00 Sep 1943-00 Jun 1944)
Fregattenkapitän Otto Stavenhagen (00 Jul 1944-00 Oct 1944)

Subordinate Commands & Units

Hafenkommandant Kephalonia
Hafenkommandant Korfu
Hafenkommandant Patras
Hafenkommandant Prevesa
Küstenschutzflottille Westgriechenland
Marineartillerieabteilung 617
Marineartilleriearsenal Patras

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Reference material on this unit

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