The Freikorps Lützow was formed in January 1919 in Berlin. It saw action in Berlin, Brunswick, Munich and the Ruhr.
On 5 May 1919 twelve workers (most of them members of the Social Democratic Party, SPD) were arrested and killed by members of Freikorps Lützow in Perlach near Munich based on a tip from a local cleric saying they were communists. (1)

It was a part of Garde-Kavallerie-Schützen-Division and was used to form Reichswehr-Brigade 30 in June 1919.


Major von Lützow

Formed in the area of

Generalkommando des Garde-Korps (Berlin)

Manpower strength


Notable members

SS-Standartenführer Wilhelm Goecke
SS-Obergruppenführer Paul Korner
SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger
SS-Oberführer Walter von Petersenn
Vizeadmiral Rudolf Stange
(the ranks are the highest ranks reached in the Third Reich era)

A memorial in memory of the fallen of Freikorps Lützow was inaugurated 24 June 1923 in Remscheid.

Freikorps Lützow celebrates its one year anniversary at Zossen in 1920
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)


1. A memorial on Pfanzeltplatz in Munich today commemorates this atrocity.

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