The Freikorps Hacketau was formed on 18 March 1919 in Recklinghausen, primarily of men from Infanterie-Regiment 16 Freiherr von Sparr. It saw action in the Ruhr 1920.
It was used to form Reichswehr-Brigade 7 in June 1919.


Oberleutnant Hacketau
Oberleutnant Carl Mentz

Formed in the area of

Generalkommando VII. Armeekorps Münster (Provinz Westfalen, Lippe)

Manpower strength


Notable members

SA-Gruppenführer Walther Stennes (later in opposition to Hitler)
(the ranks are the highest ranks reached in the Third Reich era)


The "Hacketau" cuff title was used by this unit.

A large silver death's head was painted on the front of their helmets.

A memorial in memory of the fallen of this Freikorps unit was inaugurated 24 June 1923 in Remscheid.

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Reference material on this unit

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