The Eiserne Brigade was formed on 21 December 1918 when the Freikorps battalions in Kurland merged. It was redesignated Eiserne Division.

There was also another brigade known as the Eiserne Brigade, later renamed 1. Marine Brigade.


Major Josef Bischoff

Formed in the area of

Oberbefehlshaber Ost

Order of battle

1. Kurländisches Infanterie-Regiment
2. Kurländisches Infanterie-Regiment
3. Kurländisches Infanterie-Regiment
Kurländisches Jäger-Battalion
MG-Scharfschützen-Abteilung Petersdorff
Kurländisches Kavallerie-Regiment
Kurländisches Feldartillerie-Regiment
Kurländisches Fußartillerie Battalion

Notable members

- None known at this time -
(the ranks are the highest ranks reached in the Third Reich era)

Sources used

Georg Tessin - Deutsche Verbände und Truppen 1918-1939

Reference material on this unit

Josef Bischoff - Die Letzte Front 1919