(Luftwaffe Veterinary Training and Replacement Detachment)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

5426 (L) Stab einer Veterinärabteilung (v) d.Lw. (Staff of a Lw. Vet. Detachment).
5427 (L) Hufbeschlagpersonal – Ausbildungskompanie (v) einer Veterinärabteilung d.Lw. (Farriers Training Co. (transferable) of a Lw. Vet. Detachment).

Just one (1) existed:

Veterinär-Ausb.- u.Ers.Abt. d.Lw. 1
Formation date and other details are not known, but it consisted of a Stab and 1. – 4. Kp. and was located in Güstrow until 1944, and then in Graudenz.
(Source: NARA WashDC: RG 242 (T-321 roll 114/253); NASM T-2/USSBS roll 7001/8200ff).]