(Luftwaffe Medical Replacement Detachment and Company)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

From August 1939 to 1942, the Luftwaffe had an unknown number of Sanitäts-Ersatz-Kp. scattered about in the various Luftgäue. Each had a KStN allowance of 9 officers, 20 NCOs, 190 men, 2 officials, 5 ambulances, 1 car, 4 trucks and 2 motorcycles. Only two of these have been identified:  San.Ers.Kp. 13 at Eger (moved to Bayreuth in summer 1940), and San.Ers.Kp. 3/XI in northwestern Germany. In 1942 these companies were consolidated into Sanitäts-Ersatz-Abt. d.Lw. at Bad Saalow near Zossen, where it remained until the end of the war subordinated to the Luftwaffen-Ersatz-Division. It did not have a number because it was the only one.

KStN: 5475 (L) for the Stab and 5476 (L) for the Kp.

Sources used

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