(Luftwaffe Large Dental Clinic)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

Each of these had a total of 6 dental officers and an unknown number of other personnel (dental assistants, dental hygienists, clerks, etc.). The total number of the large clinics was quite consistent during the war, ranging from 13 to 16. None of them is known to have received its own Feldpost number so they were probably attached to Luftwaffe hospitals. Those identified are: 1/I, 1/III, 2/III, 3/III, 4/III, 5/III, 6/III, 1/VI, 2/VI, 1/VII (1944 located in Paris), 1/VIII, 1/XI (Apr 45 in Neumünster/Schleswig-Holstein), 2/XI, 1/XII.

KStN: 5410 (L).

Sources used

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