(Air District Medical Depot)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

Each Luftgau had a depot for medical equipment and supplies, including the Feld-Luftgaukommandos in the front and occupied areas, and they took the Luftgau’s Roman numeral for their number. A listing dated 5 October 1944 shows 12 of them remained. The personnel allowance for a Luftgau-San.Park has not been found, but it could have been as few as 6 to 12 Luftwaffe personnel and several dozen civilians.

Those identified are:
Luftgau-Sanitätspark I (in East Prussia),
II (Poland),
III (north-central Germany),
IV (central Germany),
VI (Ruhr area in western Germany),
VII (1944 located in Tegernsee in Bavaria),
VIII (in Breslau/Silesia),
XI (north-west Germany),
XII (1944 in Nürnberg),
XIV (Nov 44 in Lauterbach, formerly Lg.San.Park Belgien/Nordfrankreich),
XVII (1943 in Wien (Vienna)),
XXVIII (1944-45 in north Italy, FpN 00154 – formerly Lw.-San.Zweigpark 23),
Belgien/Nordfrankreich (1941-44 in Brussels, FpN 23749, became Lg.San.Park XIV in Sep 44),
Holland (FpN 05893 – formerly Lw.-San.Zweigpark 1/VIII),
Norwegen (in Oslo, FpN 19292),
Westfrankreich (in western France, FpN 31674 – formerly Lw.-San.Zweigpark 12),
Fallschirm-Armee-Sanitätspark (FpN 43691 – formerly Lw.-San.Zweigpark 22),

There were probably several others, including one for the Südost (Balkans area).

KStN: 4390 (L).

Sources used

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