(Luftwaffe Medical Company)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

These were organic components of the Luftwaffen-Felddivisionen and the Fallschirmjägerdivisionen and served as the main dressing station for the division they belonged to. In January 1945, KStN 5363 had a personnel strength of 11 officers and 165 NCOs and men, plus 176 attached soldiers used for perimeter security around the dressing station. A list of 5 October 1944 identifies a total of 16 Fallschirm-Sanitätskompanien in existence on that date. All of these companies that belonged to the Lw.-Felddivisionen were turned over to the Heer (Army) in October 1943. The companies will not be listed below since they were organic to the divisions and not independent.

KStN: 5363 (L) Fallschirm-Sanitätskompanie
KStN: 5364 (L) Sanitätskompanie einer Lw.-Felddivision

Sources used

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