(Luftwaffe Convalescent Home)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

KStN: 7990 (L).

Jagdfliegerheim d.Lw.
For fighter pilots - located at Bad Wiessee on the west bank of a beautiful alpine lake 50 km south of München. Still in existence in 1945.

Kampffliegerheim d.Lw.
For bomber aircrew - located at Tegernsee/50 km south of München on the opposite side of the same lake that was host to the Jagdfliegerheim. Still in existence in 1945.

Aufklärungsfliegerheim d.Lw.
For reconnaissance aircrew - located at Velden in Kärnten (Carinthia) on Lake Wörther, approximately 20 km west of Klagenfurt/Austria. Still in existence in 1945.

Erholungsheim der Flakartillerie
For Flak personnel - located at Wertach on the east bank of Lake Forggen, just 3 km from Füssen in the Allgäu. Closed in late 1944.