(Luftwaffe Hospital)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

Also as: Lazarett d.Lw. (o)  (Luftwaffe Hospital (stationary))

The first stationary Luftwaffe hospital was opened in Wien (Vienna) on 1 February 1940 and by 1943 the Luftwaffe hospital system had some 60 hospitals in the Reich with c.32,000 beds plus an additional 36,000 beds in temporary hospitals and requisitioned buildings. In the occupied territories out side the Reich, it had 85 hospitals with a total of 110,000 beds. As the Allies drove the Wehrmacht back into the Reich in 1944, the number of Luftwaffe hospitals shrank rapidly until only 60 remained on 5 October 1944. A typical 500-bed Luftwaffe hospital had an allowance of 24 officers, 51 NCOs, 40 men, 10 officials, 69 nurses, 38 civilian employees, 2 ambulances and 1 car for a total personnel strength of 232. Until c.1 October 1943, the Lw.-Lazaretten went by the name of where they were located at the time. After that date they began using numbers. The list that follows is not definitive, but it is the most complete list so far compiled.

KStN: 5390 (L) Lw.-Lazarett (o).
KStN: 5423 (L) Lw.-Lazarett (v)?
KStN: 5424 (L) Lw.-Lazarett (v)?

By location

Aalborg/N Denmark: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 13/XI.
Aarhus/Denmark: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XI.
Amiens: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XI.
Amsterdam: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VI and see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XI.
Andernach: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XII.
Arles: Lw.-Lazarett Arles (in S France) mention in March 1943.
Arpajon: Lw.-Lazarett Arpajon (32 km south of Paris) set up in July 1940 but closed a few months later.
Arras: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/XI.
Athen: Lw.-Lazarett Athen was established in Athens/Greece in June 1941; On 1 October 1943 (FpN changed 27.10.43) it was downgraded and renamed Sanitätsbereitschaft d.Lw. 11/III. Chef-Arzt: Oberfeldarzt Dr. (med.) Max Weber (to Aug 43). FpN:  L 53824.
Baden-Baden: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/XI.
Baden bei Wien: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/XVII.
Badenweiler: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/V.
Bad Gastein: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/XVII.
Bad Harzburg: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 18/XI.
Bad Herrenalb: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XII.
Bad Ischl: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XVII.
Bad Meinberg: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/XI.
Bad Nauheim: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XII.
Bad Oeynhausen: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 2/VI.
Bad Schachen: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 14/VII.
Bad Wiessee: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/VII.
Belgrade?: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XVII?
Bergamo/Italy: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/VII.
Berlin (Flakturm = Flak Tower): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/III.
Berlin-Reinickendorf: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/III.
Berwang: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 13/VII.
Bayreuth: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XII.
Boulogne: Lw.-Lazarett Boulogne (NE France) existed in December 1941. No further information.
Braunschweig: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XI.
Brünn: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XVII.
Brüssel (Brussels): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XI.
Buchholz: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 15/XI.
Bukarest: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XVII and Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XVII.
Burg Stargard: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 16/III and see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XI.
Catania: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/VII.
Cernobbio/Italy: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/VII.
Chania/Crete: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/III.
Charkow: Lw.-Lazarett Charkow (Kharkov) existed in 1942-43. Same as Lw.-Lazarett Kiew? No further information.
Cherbourg: Lw.-Lazarett Cherbourg (France) existed in June 1944. No further information.
Cottbus: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 16/XI.
Denklingen: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/XI.
Domfront: Lw.-Lazarett Domfront (27 km NNW of Compiègne) existed in December 1941. No further information.
Dommelkeim (Königsberg-Dommelkeim/East Prussia): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/I.
Drontheim (Trondheim): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/III.
Eibsee: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/VII.
Essen-Kupferdreh: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XI.
Eutin: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XI.
Felbring: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XVII.
Frankfurt/M.: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XII.
Gauting: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/VII.
Gifhorn: Lw.-Lazarett Gifhorn (22 km N of Braunschweig) existed in March 1945. No further information.
Glatz: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/III.
Gomel: Lw.-Lazarett Gomel (Belorussia) existed in July 1942. Disbanded in January 1944 (FpN deleted 26.1.44). FpN:  L 49156. No further information.
Görlitz: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/VII.
Gotha: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/III.
Greifswald: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/III.
Groningen: Lw.-Lazarett Groningen (N Holland) existed in October 1943. No further information.
Gross Below: Lw.-Lazarett Gross Below (29 km N of Neubrandenburg); existence questionable.
Halle-Dölau: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/III.
Hamburg-Blankenese: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/I.
Herrenalb: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XII.
Hofgastein: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/VII.
Hofheim/Taunus: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XII.
Hude: Lw.-Lazarett Hude (in Schleswig-Holstein) existed in March 1945. No further information.
Innsbruck: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/III.
Karlsbad: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/XVII.
Kiew: Lw.-Lazarett Kiew (Kiev/Ukraine) existed in 1942. Probably same as Lw.-Lazarett Charkow.
Kirkenes: Lw.-Lazarett Kirkenes (N Norway) existed in January 1944. No further information.
Kitzbühel: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 12/VII.
Kohlgrub: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/VII.
Krakau (Kraków): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VIII.
Kühlungsborn: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 17/XI.
Leeuwarden/Holland: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XI.
Leipzig: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 13/III.
Lermoos: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 17/VII.
Maastricht: Lw.-Lazarett Maastricht existed in 1943. No further information.
Mährisch-Ostrau: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/III.
Mont-de-Marsan: Lw.-Lazarett Mont-de-Marsan (100 km south of Bordeaux/France) existed in December 1941. No further information.
Montélimar: Lw.-Lazarett Montélimar (67 km N of Avignon in S France) existed in July 1944. No further information.
München-Oberföhring: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VII.
Nakel: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/I.
Neapel (Naples/Italy): Feldpost number (L 37614) issued in spring 1941 but then deleted by mid-summer 1941; evidently, it was planned but then canceled.
Neukloster: Lw.-Lazarett Neukloster (16 km ESE of Wismar in Mecklenburg mentioned in April 1945. No further information.
Niederlindewiese: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XVII.
Nürnberg: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 18/VII.
Oberschreiberhau: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 2/VIII.
Oberstdorf-Hindelang: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 15/VII.
Orléans/France: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XII.
Orscha: Lw.-Lazarett Orscha (Orsha in Belorussia) mentioned in 1941-42. No further information.
Paris/France: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XII.
Posen: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/I.
Prag: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XVII.
Rerik: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XI.
Riesa: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/XI.
Riva: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/VII.
Rom (Rome): see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/VII and Sanitätsbereitschaft  (mot) d.Lw. 4/VII (Trop).
Rupprechtstegen: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 16/VII.
Samer: Lw.-Lazarett Samer (14 km SE of Boulogne/NE France) established between 1940 and 1942 and existed there until the German retreat. Disbanded October 1944 (FpN L 50020 – deleted 15.11.44).
Sighisoara? see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XVII.
Sigmaringen: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XII.
Simferopol: Lw.-Lazarett Simferopol (Crimea) existed, but No further information.
Sinsheim: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XI.
Smolensk: Lw.-Lazarett Smolensk (Belorussia) mentioned 1941-42. No further information.
Soest: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XI.
Sopron: Lw.-Lazarett Sopron (W Hungary) mentioned February 1945. Possibly Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/XVII?
Stargard: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/III.
Starnberg: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/VII.
Stavanger: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/III.
Stolpmünde: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/III.
St.-Omer/NE France: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/XI.
Tangermünde: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 15/III.
Trebitsch-Mähren: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VIII.
Turnau: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/I.
Utrecht: Lw.-Lazarett Utrecht noted March 1944. No further information.
Vorchdorf/Oberdonau: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XVII.
Westerland: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XI.
Wien: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XVII.
Wiener Neustadt: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XVII.
Wildbad: see Lw.-Lazarett (v) 1/V.
Wismar: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XI.
Würzburg: see Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XIV.
Xanten: Lw.-Lazarett Xanten (on the Rhein 12 km west of Wesel) noted March 1945. No further information.

By Number  (84 listed)

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/I
At Königsberg-Dommelkeim/East Prussia. 700 beds.
1945: moved to Hamburg-Blankenese.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/I
At Posen (Poznań)/W Poland. 500 beds.
Oberfeldarzt Dr. (med.) Erich Pagels ( ?   -   ? )  1941-42

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/I
Nakel (Naklo) near Posen (Poznań)/W Poland. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/I
Turnau (not located but probably in East Prussia). 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/III
Berlin-Reinickendorf with a branch at Nikolassee. 500 beds. All or part of this hospital moved to Bad Ischl/44 km ESE of Salzburg in December 1943, probably due to heavy RAF Bomber Command night raids on the Berlin area.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/III
Greifswald with a branch at Schlemmin. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/III
Stolpmünde. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/III
Drontheim (Trondheim)/C Norway. 300 beds. FpN: L 55533.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/III
Stavanger/SW Norway. 300 beds. FpN: L 54995.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/III
Innsbruck/Austria with a branch at Matrei. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/III
Glatz (Klodzko)/160 km SSW of Breslau. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/III
Gotha/23 km W of Erfurt. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/III
Halle-Dölau. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/III
Mährisch-Ostrau (Ostrava)/Czechoslovakia. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/III
Chania/Crete. 300 beds. FpN: L 53783.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/III
Berlin (Flakturm = Flak Tower). 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 13/III
Leipzig with a branch at Zeitz. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/III
Stargard (Stargard Szczecinski)/34 km ESE of Stettin (Szczecin). 300 beds. Formerly Kriegslazarett d.Lw. 2/VIII. FpN: L 55234.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 15/III
Tangermünde near Stendal. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 16/III
Burg Stargard/7.5 km SSE of Neubrandenburg. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 1/V
Wildbad/18 km SSW of Pforzheim in the Schwarzwald (Black Forest). 200 beds. Formerly in France.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/V
Badenweiler/25 km SSW of Freiburg im Breisgau. 500 beds. FpN: L 61846.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VI
Amsterdam/Holland. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 2/VI
Bad Oeynhausen/51 km E of Osnabrück. 150 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VII
München-Oberföhring (Munich-Oberföhring). 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/VII
Starnberg/23 km SW of München (Munich). 500 beds? Disbanded or moved in late 1944.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/VII
Bad Wiessee/50 km S of München. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/VII
Eibsee/9.5 km SW of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/VII
Gauting/17 km SW of München with branch in Isnyberg/25 km W of Kempten. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/VII
Kohlgrub/64 km SE of München near Rosenheim. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/VII
Hofgastein (not located but believed to be in northern Italy). 700 beds. Formerly Lw.-Lazarett Catania (Sicily). FpN: 53400.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/VII
Riva/40 km N of Verona in northern Italy. 500 beds. Formerly Lw.-Lazarett Rom (Rome). FpN: L 53446.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/VII
Possenhofen/28 km SSW of München with branch in Söcking/25 km SSW of München. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/VII
Görlitz/87 km E of Dresden. 500 beds. Formerly Lw.-Lazarett Bergamo. FpN: L 51007. Ended the war at Hornsylt and Julesmende in Denmark.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/VII
Cernobbio/40 km N of Milano (Milan) at the southern tip of Lake Como in northern Italy. 600 beds. FpN: L 49019.
Oberstabsarzt Dr. (med.) E. Lauschner ( ?   -   ? )  1943-45

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 12/VII
Kitzbühel/64 km SW of Salzburg in western Austria. 100 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 13/VII
Berwang/51 km WNW of Innbruck in western Austria. 110 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 14/VII
Bad Schachen/18 km SE of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance in south Germany. 100 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 15/VII
Oberstdorf-Hindelang/36 km S of Kempten. 100 beds. Disbanded winter 1944-45.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 16/VII
Rupprechtstegen/34 km NE of Nürnberg. 40 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 17/VII
Lermoos/19 km SW of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 18/VII
Nürnberg. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/VIII
Trebitsch-Mähren (Trebíc)/54 km W of Brno in Czechoslovakia. 500 beds. Formerly Lw.-Lazarett Krakau (Kraków) in S Poland.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 2/VIII
Oberschreiberhau (not located but probably in Bohemia-Moravia or Silesia). 100 beds. Formerly a Lw.-Kurlazarett then upgraded to a Lazarett.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XI
Braunschweig. 900 beds.
Oberstarzt Dr. (med.) Ernst Lohrentz ( ?   -  21 Oct 42)
Oberstarzt Dr. (med.) Ludwig Harriehausen (21 Oct 42  -   ? )  1943

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XI
Rerik/W of Rostock on the Baltic. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XI
Westerland/Sylt. 300 beds.
Oberstabsarzt Dr. (med.) Walter Klein (Jul 39  -   ? )

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XI
Wismar/51 km E of Lübeck with a branch in Burg Stargard. 900 beds.
Generalarzt Dr. (med.) Otto Bengsch (1 Jan 41  -  1945)

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XI
Aarhus/Denmark with a branch in Hornsyld. 700 beds. Formerly Lw.-Lazarett Aarhus. FpN: L 52312.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XI
Sinsheim/23 km SE of Heidelberg. 500 beds. March 1944 in Amsterdam/Holland?

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XI
Leeuwarden/N Holland then moved to Eutin in Schleswig-Holstein in late 1944 or early 1945. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XI
Amiens/N France as Lw.-Lazarett Amiens then moved to Essen-Kupferdreh in August-September 1944. 700 beds. FpN: L 54042.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/XI
Arras/NE France as Lw.-Lazarett Arras then moved to Riesa/43 km NW of Dresden in August-September 1944. 500 beds. FpN: L 55691.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XI
Brüssel (Brussels-St.-Giles)/Belgium as Lw.-Lazarett Brüssel then moved to Soest/35 km SE of Amsterdam or Soest/46 km E of Dortmund in August-September 1944. 300 beds. FpN: L 24958.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/XI
St.-Omer/NE France as Lw.-Lazarett St. Omer then moved to Bad Meinberg/26 km NE of Paderborn in August-September 1944. 500 beds. FpN: L 55255.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/XI
Denklingen/48 km E of Köln. 300 beds. Previously in France, Belgium or Holland. Ended the war in Aalborg/Denmark. FpN: L 63291.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 13/XI
Aalborg/N Denmark. 300 beds. FpN: L 61755.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/XI
Baden-Baden. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 15/XI
Buchholz (not located – over 40 towns and villages by this name in Germany). 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 16/XI
Cottbus/104 km SSE of Berlin. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (v) 17/XI
Kühlungsborn (not located, but possibly in the Luftgau XI area of northwestern Germany). Co-located with Lw.-Kurheim Kühlungsborn. 100 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 18/XI
Bad Harzburg/10 km ESE of Goslar. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XII
Andernach/16 km NW of Koblenz. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XII
Frankfurt/M. 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XII
Hofheim am Taunus (suburb on west side of Frankfurt/M.). 300 beds. Specialized in lung injuries.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XII
Orléans/France as Lw.-Lazarett Orléans then moved to Bad Herrenalb/14 km ENE of Baden Baden in August-September 1944. 700 beds. FpN: L 54296.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XII
Paris-Clichy as Lw.-Lazarett Paris then moved to Bad Nauheim/27 km N of Frankfurt/M. in August-September 1944. While in Paris, it was the largest Luftwaffe hospital outside of Germany with 1,000 beds. 900 beds after moving to Bad Nauheim. FpN: L 09261.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XII
Bayreuth/66 km NNE of Nürnberg. 500 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XII
Sigmaringen/68 km SW of Ulm in Baden-Württemberg. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XIV
Würzburg. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 1/XVII
Brünn (Brno)/Czechoslovakia with branch at Neuleskau. 700 beds.
Oberstarzt Dr. (med.) Hans Glatz ( ?   -   ? )  6/42

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 2/XVII
Prag (Prague)/Czechoslovakia. 500 beds.
Oberstarzt Dr. (med.) Herbert Eberhartinger ( ?   -   ? )  1/43

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 3/XVII
Vorchdorf/Oberdonau 43 km SW of Linz and 20 km SSW of Wels. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 4/XVII
Wien (Vienna). 700 beds.
Oberstarzt Dr. (med.) Kurt Saupe ( ?   -  Aug 43)
Oberstarzt Dr.(med.) Max Weber (Aug 43  -   ? )

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 5/XVII
Wiener Neustadt/Austria with branch in Grimmenstein. 300 beds. Previously in Felbring/78 km W of Wien?

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 6/XVII
Bad Ischl/44 km ESE of Salzburg. 900 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 7/XVII
Bukarest (Bucharest/Romania) as Lw.-Lazarett Bukarest. Destroyed in August 1944 and the remnants disbanded. 500 beds? FpN: L 42013.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 8/XVII
Established in October 1943 (FpN entered 28.10.43) and located in the Balkans (possibly Belgrade in Serbia?), then transferred to Niederlindewiese (not located). 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 9/XVII
Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary)/NW Czechoslovakia. 300 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 10/XVII
Established June 1944 in Bucharest/Romania (Sighisoara/222 km NNW of Bucharest is also mentioned). Disbanded in October 1944 following the German retreat from Romania (FpN deleted 28.11.44). Number of beds unknown. FpN: L 62225.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 11/XVII
Believed to have existed but no information found. Number of beds unknown. Possibly at Sopron/Hungary?

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 12/XVII
Bad Gastein (not located but probably in the Gasteinertal 60-70 km south of Salzburg in Austria). 700 beds.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 13/XVII
Established in June 1944 (FpN entered 16.6.44) but location not found. Disbanded between December 1944 and March 1945. Number of beds unknown. FpN: L 60742.

Lw.-Lazarett (o) 14/XVII
Located in Baden/23 km SSW of Wien (Vienna)/Austria. 500 beds.

Sources used

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