(Luftwaffe Medical Detachment)
by Henry L. deZeng IV

Nearly every large headquarters had a medical detachment as an organic component and used the same Feldpost number as the headquarters, but usually with a letter suffix that designated the medical detachment. Since they were organic to the headquarters command and used the command’s name as their designation (e.g., Lw.-Sanitäts-Abt./I. Flakkorps), there is no point in listing them separately.


Lw.-San.Abt. der Luftflotte 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Reich, Südost, plus all of their predecessors and successors.

Each had one.

Each had one – some were static (o) and some were motorized (mot) or transferable (v).

Kommando Flughafenbereich (abbreviated Koflug):
Same comment as for the Flakdivisionen. In addition, many of these were sub-divided into 2 or more Sanitätsstaffeln (6 to 8 Staffeln was not uncommon) that were set up as small dispensaries at airfields under the control of the Flughafenbereich, with each of the dispensaries including a sick bay that averaged 30 to 50 beds. They used the same number as the Koflug they belonged to (e.g., Lw.-San.Abt. 4/I, Lw.-San.Abt. 22/III, Lw.-San.Abt. 11/VII, Lw.-San.Abt. 9/XI, Lw.San.Abt. 5/XVII, etc.), with the Staffeln usually taking the name of the airfield they were assigned to (e.g., Lw.San.Staffel Fassberg, Lw.San.Staffel Husum, Lw.San.Staffel Le Havre, etc.).

Authority: KStN 5487 (L) then 5367; St.L.P. Nr. 1360/44g.Kdos.