by Michael W. Lenz

Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Brigade (1) „Hermann Göring“

* November 1944
+ März 1945 (Festung Graudenz)
Kdt.: Major Illius; später Oberst Meyer-Schewe
------> StbKp/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
------> NaKp/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (upgrading planned to a NaAbt/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")
------> IGKp/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
------> SanKp/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (upgrading planned to a SanAbt/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")

---> Ausbildungs- und Umschulungs-Bataillon "Hermann Göring"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (später Brigade-Lehrgangs- und Umschulungs-Bataillon "Hermann Göring"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")
Kdt.: Hauptmann Friebe
------> 1./Ausb.-&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (später Offz.Anw.Lg./Brig.Lg.&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")
------> 2./Ausb.-&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (später Uffz.Anw.Lg./Brig.Lg.&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")
------> 3./Ausb.-&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (später Umsch.Lg./Brig.Lg.&Umschul.Btl./Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG")

---> Fallschirm-Panzer-Pionier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Bataillon "Hermann Göring"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Oberleutnant Breig
------> 1./ - 3./

---> Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon z.b.V. 21
Kdt: Hauptmann Borgis
------> 1./ & 2./
attached to Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" since 25 Jan 1945, as
Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon z.b.V. 21 "Hermann Göring"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"

-> Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Hauptmann Findeis
------> StbKp/Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
------> VersKp/Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"

In the beginning of Feb 1945 the Fallschirm-Panzer-Grenadier-Ersatz-und-Ausbildungs Brigade (1) "Hermann Göring" was able to fully refit his infantry components once again. But in the night of 16/17 Feb 1945 the 83. Inf.Div. was taken out of the area of Festung Graudenz. As a consequence, with that division - against determined protests of the Brigade commander - the following elements of Fsch-Pz.Gren.Ers.-&-Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" were taken out as well and were to be handed over under command of this infantry division :
Fsch-Pz.Gren.Ers.-&-Ausb.Rgt. 1 mit III(?) Bataillone (two entire btls. at least) unter Hauptmann Findeis
2 Fsch-Pi.Kp.en (vom Fsch-Pi.Ers.-&-Ausb.Btl. 1 "HG" unter Oberleutnant Breig
(NOT from Fsch-Pi.Btl. z.b.V. 21 "HG" under command of Hauptmann Borgis, this units stayed in Graudenz and was ruined)
I./Fsch-Art.Rgt. 4 unter Hauptmann Eggemann;
As a form of compensation Gren.Rgt. 257 of 83. Inf.Div. remained in Festung Graudenz.

Addendum : the re-organisation of the units in the beginning of Feb 1945 and the fate of the detached units in the course of the war

from the memories of Hptm. Bach, Kdr. II./Fsch.Pz.Gren.A.u.E.Rgt. 1:
page 208 [transl.] : the re-structuring of the units within the Brig. between 10 and 13 Feb 1945 with regard to the following btls.
- I./1 (Vollmer) mit 1./1 (May ?), 2./1 (Hahn), 3./1 (Selzer)
- II./1 (Bach) mit 5./1 (Schneider), 6./1 (Ellwanger), 8./1 (Stürcken)
had as a consequence that three new Grenadier companies were to be built from the downsized companies inclusive the staff personal, which were directly subordinated to Regimentsstab 1 (Findeis). By that the Bataillone I and II ended to exist as military formations de facto. The dissolution of II./1 was explained with the fact that three companies, downsized to a strengh of a platoon each, couldn't be regarded as a ordinary battalion. This kind of end of our unit did leave neither me nor the company commanders unconcerned. Like often we had to accept the considerations of higher headquarters and the decisions. Whoever didn't face such a cut is doing hard to feel with us. The dissolution of I./1 should have carried out with a similar explanation."

OOB and Stellenbesetzung mit Stand 17./18.2.1945:

Kdr.: Hptm. Findeis
Adj.: Lt. Weiß, Lt. Dr. Hüfer
O 1: Lt. Nüsse, Lt. Munderloh
IVa: Oberzahlm. Decius
IVb: Oberarzt Dr. Thomas
Vers.Kp. 1: Hptm. Ernst
Offz. z.b.V.: Fhr. Richlin

1. Gren.-Kp.: Lt. Ellwanger, Lt. Hammerschmidt
2. Gren.-Kp.: Oblt. Stürcken, Lt. Thamm
3. Gren.-Kp.: Lt. Faßhauer, Lt. Rammwitz
4. Pi.-Kp.: Lt. Scheibe (?)
5. Pi.-Kp.: Obfw. (?)

attached to 83. Inf.Div. since mid-Feb 1945 as:
Ka.Gru. Hptm Findeis mit:
Rgt. Hauptmann Findeis (3 Gren.Kp. & 2 Pi.Kp.)
Abt. Hauptmann Eggemann (I./Fsch.Art.Rgt. 4)
attached to 7. Inf.Div. since mid-Mar 1945 as:
Ka.Gru. Hptm Eggemann mit:
Abt. Hauptmann Eggemann (I./Fsch.Art.Rgt. 4)
[no hint ot Rgt. Hptm Findeis in this case ]

The vst.Fsch-Pz.Gren.Ers.-&-Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG" ["verstärkt" = strenghtened] fought within the divisional structure of 83. Inf.Div. on the left bank of the Vistula [Weichsel]. Major fightings "HG" was involved were the defense of an enemy attack to the flank in the area NEUENBURG and the heavy repulse at the KLEMPINER BERG, the last defensive position on the hights (20km) at the gates of DANZIG. On 9 May 1945 the remnants of the unit went into Soviet captivity on Halbinsel HELA.

I./Fsch-Art.Rgt. 4 fared a similar story. After being divided form the vst.Fsch-Pz.Gren.Ers.-&-Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG" on 11 Mar 1945 and being subordinated to 7. Inf.Div. for the remainder of the war, the end was reported by Kdr. Hptm Eggemann :
"During the afternoon of 8 May 1945 I managed to catch the last ship with the remnants of my Abteilung. After one day we arrived in KIEL."

---> I./Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Hauptmann Fuchs; später Hauptmann Vollmer
------> 1./ - 4./

---> II./Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Hauptmann Bach
------> 5./ - 8./

---> III./Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (alt)
Kdt.: Hauptmann Mack
------> 9./ & 10./ (??)
in frontline in Dec 1944 and Jan 1945 near INSTERBURG - GUMBINNEN as Bataillon Hauptmann Mack

---> III./Fsch.Pz.Gren.Ers.& Ausb.Rgt. 1 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG" (neu)
Kdt.: Hauptmann Osterloff; später Hauptmann Drotbohm
------> 9./ - 12./
still in Dec 1944 transfer to the home garrison to be used for the formation of Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. 2 "HG"

Fallschirm-Panzer-Artillerie-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 2 "Hermann Göring"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Major Beinhofer; später Major Graf; später Hauptmann Francois
------> Stb.Kp./Fsch.Pz.Art.Ers.&Ausb.Rgt. 2 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
------> Vers.Kp./Fsch.Pz.Art.Ers.&Ausb.Rgt. 2 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"

---> I.(gem.)[Fsch.Flak.]/Fsch.Pz.Art.Ers.&Ausb.Rgt. 2 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Hauptmann Francois; später Hauptmann Weigert
------> 1.(s.)/ - 3.(s.)/
------> 4.(le.)/ & 5.(le.)/

---> II.(gem.)[Fsch.Art.]/Fsch.Pz.Art.Ers.&Ausb.Rgt. 2 "HG"/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. (1) "HG"
Kdt.: Hauptmann Oberländer
------> 1.(l.)/
------> 2.(s.)/

Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Brigade 2 „Hermann Göring“

* ab März 1945
Kdt: Oberst Breuer (WH); später (ab 20. April 1945) Generalmajor/Generalleutnant Bräuer (WL)

-> Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 3 „Hermann Göring“/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. 2 „HG“
Kdt: Major Hahm

-> Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 4 „Hermann Göring“/Fsch.Pz.Ers.-&Ausb.Brig. 2 „HG“
Kdt: Major Illius
Btl.Kdten: Hauptmann Mack & Hauptmann Drotbohm

-> Fallschirm-Jäger-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment 1
Kdt: Major Kratzert

Fallschirm-Panzer-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment „Hermann Göring“

* August 1944
Kdt: Oberstleutnant Schulz, Robert; später Oberst Fullriede, Fritz

-> I.(Gren.)/
Kdt: Major Wimmer
---> 1./ - 5./

-> II.(PzGren. & Pz. & Sfl.)/
---> 6./ - 11./

-> III.(Art. & Flak.)/
---> 12. - 16. (Art & Flak)

-> PiBtl/

-> RekrAbt/

-> 29. UffzBewKp/

I. (& II./)
Maas-Kanal - Albert-Kanal - Antwerpen-Tornhaut-Kanal
Hechtel, Geel, Ten Aart, Lichtaart, Kasterlee,Turnhout & Pomfort


III./ ???
Schijndel & Veghel

Mentioned also are the following Btle., named after their commander (= official designations per the numbering system in brackets) :
Btl. Worrowski (II./ oder III./)
Btl. Mjr Schlutius (II./ oder III./)
Btl Hptm Westphal (komb I/ & III/?)
Btl. Olt Kranenberg (I./ ??)