The Kampfgeschwader 200 worked with Abwehr (military intelligence) and Brandenburg units on various special operations, made long-distance reconnaissance flights and tested new and captured aircraft. It was raised as a replacement to a special operations unit within Abwehr following the fall from grace Abwehr during the war.
It was disbanded in April 1945.

Known war crimes

Fallschirm-Bataillon Jungwirth, a unit formed under II./KG200 made up of Ostlegionnaire-Kompanien from the Brandenburg Legionnaire Lehr Bataillon of Division Brandenburg landed in an airfield set up by partisans near Vassieux-en-Vercors 21 July 1944 and after heavy fighting with the partisans took control of the airfield. This was followed by a massacre of civilians in Vassieux-en-Vercors that left 72 people dead. (1)


Oberst Heinz Heigl (? Feb 1944 - ? Nov 1944)
Oberstleutnant Werner Baumbach (? Nov 1944 - 6 Mar 1945)
Major Adolf von Hernier (6 Mar 1945 - 25 Apr 1945

Order of battle

I. Gruppe
II. Gruppe
III. Gruppe
IV. Gruppe
Versuchskommando (formed from Erprobungskommando 36)
Industriestaffel (formed from 3./KG101)
Ergänzungs- und Ausbildungsstaffel

A memorial to the victims of the Vassieux-en-Vercors massacre
(Courtesy of David Monniaux)


1. "Konventioneller Krieg oder NS-Weltanschauungskrieg?: Kriegführung und Partisanenbekämpfung in Frankreich 1943/44" by Peter Lieb.

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