Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History: HJ-Musikzüge
by Arvo L. Vercamer

Since the earliest of times, armies of all nations have taken pride in maintaining military marching bands. These could vary in size from the smallest of fife and drummer pairs to the fully staffed and outfitted brass bands. In German military cirlcles, military bands have always formed an integral part of the German military life, and this tradition was also carried on by the HJ.

During the HJ era, some form of musical representation was always present at festive events, national and party affiliated functions and even at HJ gatherings of all sizes. Three primary musical groups were used by the HJ:
Small fife and drum bands.
Bugle (fanfare) corps.
Full sized brass marching bands.

Each HJ-Bann contained at least one Musikgefolgschaft (Music company). In addition to the musical skills each HJ member may have had, each HJ-Musikzug member also studied music at home and in school. The HJ also provided specialized musical training at various music institutes in and around Germany to its members.

Those HJ members who excelled the most in the field of music and music studies were invited to join HJ-Reichsmusikzüge (National HJ Band Companies). These bands toured throughout Germany, they performed in public and they also had their selections broadcast via radio and television (as politically applicable).