Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History: HJ-Luftschutz
by Arvo L. Vercamer

In 1939, the Luftschutz-HJ activity branch was created. The intent of this group was to provide the regular German Luftschutz organization with a supplementary force of trained German youths. In reality, this organization did not fare all too well. By 1942, the Allied bomber war over Germany had evolved to such a point that every BDM, Jungvolk and HJ member received Luftschutz training. The Luftschutz-HJ, as a separate entity, was now a redundant element.

Regardless of their HJ membership affiliation, all HJ members assisted their local districts before, during and after air raids. They guarded the personal belongings of those whose homes were destroyed due to bomb damage; they helped the homeless relocate to new quarters and they helped distribute food to those in need.