Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History: HJ-Arzt
by Arvo L. Vercamer

As the name applies, members of the Arzt-HJ were taught and trained in medical skills, such as, but no limited to first aid, orderly work, etc. HJ-Apotheker, a subgroup of the HJ-Arzt group, members were trained in pharmacy skills. The most promising members were selected for additional education as German Army field medics or doctors. During peacetime, HJ-Arzt and the HJ-Apothekers assisted in local hospitals and sanitariums, apothecaries, etc. During the war, Arzt-HJ members helped out in the medical field in support positions as the situation required, often providing first aid to air raid victims, working in rear-area hospitals, helping the staff at recovery sanatoriums, etc.

HJ Arzt uniform

Illustration © Arvo L. Vercamer