Hitlerjugend: An In-Depth History: 1941 - "Unser Leben ein Weg zum Führer"- Our life as a path to the Führer
by Arvo L. Vercamer

Artur Axmann served with the German forces on the eastern front from June 15th, 1941, to December 4th, 1941. While serving there, Axmann was seriously wounded and lost his right arm. When Axmann returned to Germany, he resumed his post as the youth leader of Germany.

By 1941, the HJ was experiencing recruitment problems. Many eligible youths were drafted into the armed forces. Many others were killed or incapacitated with the increasing ferocity of British aerial raids over German cities.

In 1941, Hitler ordered that German schools stand down from teaching Gothic "Frakturschirft" to Germany's youths. They use of the Roman "Antiqua" script for writing was now authorized.