The Reiter-SA was the mounted units of the SA and was formed in 1933. Each SA Reiter group was commanded by a Gruppenreiterführer who was subordinate to the Reichsinspekteur of the NSRK. The Gruppenreiterführer were trained at the SA-Gruppen-Reiterschule.
At least 100 SA Reiter-standarten existed, but the exact number is unkown.
Members of the Reiter-SA wore crossed lances (in silver or gilt metal) on their collar tabs.

The Nationalsozialistisches Reiterkorps (NSRK) was formed 1937. It was a headed by a Reichsinspekteur who was subordinate to the SA leader. It's main objective was to help SA-members to pass the test required to be qualified for the mounted units of Heer and Waffen-SS.