Based on information from Mark Costa

On 2 June 1933 the below were promoted to the Reichsleiter rank, the highest rank within the NSDAP.

Party departmental chiefs:
Max Amann (Head of Party Publishing)
Phillipp Bouhler (Chief of Hitler's Personal Chancellery)
Walter Buch (Chief Judge of the Supreme Party Tribunal)
Walther Darré (Chief of the Party Agrarian Office)
Dr Otto Dietrich (Party Press Chief)
Karl Fiehler (Chief of Party Municipal Policy)
Dr Hans Frank (Chief of the Party's Legal Office)
Dr Josef Goebbels (Chief of Party Propaganda)
Wilhelm Grimm (Deputy Chief Justice of the NSDAP Supreme Party Court) (1)
Rudolf Hess (Deputy Führer) (2)
Dr Robert Ley (Chief of Party Organization)
Alfred Rosenberg (Head of Party Ideology and Foreign Policy)
Franz Xavier Schwarz (Party Treasurer)

Formation chiefs:
Heinrich Himmler (Reichsführer SS)
Ernst Röhm (Stabchef der SA) (3)
Baldur von Schirach (Reichsjugendführer HJ)

Promoted in the June to October 1933 period:
Franz Ritter Von Epp (Chief of the Party Colonial Office)
Dr. Wilhelm Frick (Chief of the Party's Reichstag Faction)
Martin Bormann (Chief of Staff to the Deputy Führer)

In 1934 Viktor Lutze was made new Stabchef der SA and Reichsleiter.

In 1936 Konstantin Hierl, Reichsarbietführer RAD, was made Reichsleiter and in 1938 Adolf Huhnlein, Korpsführer NSKK, recieved the title.

Possible promotions
Arthur Axmann replaced von Schirach Reichsjugendführer in 1940 and is listed in some wartime sources as Reichsleiter but not in the NSDAP Yearbooks. von schirach was made Reichsleiter for Youth Education and retained his Reichsleiter title.
Huhnlein died in June 1940 and was replaced by Erwin Kraus as Korpsführer NSKK but it like Axmann he is not listed as a Reichsleiter in the NSDAP Yearbooks.
After the death of Lutze in 1943 Wilhelm Schepmann became Stabchef der SA but like the above he appears not to have been given the Reichsleiter rank.
Karl Hanke was named successor of Heinrich Himmler as Reichführer SS in April 1945 and it is possible that he was given the rank of Reichsletier.


1. Grimm was most likely retired in 1939 or 1940.
2. Hess stopped using the Reichsleiter titile in 10 October 1933 when he was promoted to Deputy Führer for Party Matters.
3. Killed during the Night of the Long Knives