The below list includes all known recipients of high military awards in the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche ArbeiterPartei (NSDAP).

Knight's Cross

Hoffend, Jakob 07.02.1945 NSDAP-Ortsgruppenleiter (ehrenamtl.) in Köln [für das Entschärfen von 1.892 Bomben ohne Feuerwerker-Ausbildung]
(awarded for the deactivating of 1.892 bombs without having a pyro-technical training)

Knight's Cross of the War Merit Cross

Amtsleiter der NSDAP Gustav Behrens (Landwirtschaft, Agriculture) 01.10.1944 oS
Gauorganisationsleiter Paul Dargel (Beauftragter für Ostfragen) 15.01.1945 oS
Reichsamtsleiter Johannes Engel 11.07.1944 mS
Bereichsleiter (Sonderbeauftragter Stellungsbau) Erwin Lindau 01.01.1945 mS

Army Honor Roll Clasp

Sell, Fritz, 05.03.1945, Oberleutnant d.R., NSFO Gen.Kdo. XXIV. Pz.K.
Wischniewski, Gerhard, 05.02.1945, Oberleutnant d.R., NSFO 304. Inf.Div.

NSFO - Nationalsozialistischer Führungsoffizier (National Socialist Guidance Officers; ordinary officers of the Army who were given the task of and were appointed to NSFO officially ; added for illustration of the influence on the Wehrmacht from "outside" since the july 20th 1944 plot and to show last administrative measures and efforts in autumn 1944 to keep up and to strengthen order and morale)