The Germanische SS ("Germanic SS") was SS-inspired organizations that were founded in the "Germanic countries" that was occupied by Germany, i.e. Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway & Denmark. These organizations were an example of the pan-germanic visions of many of the SS-leaders, in particular Heinrich Himmler.
They were supposed to be controlled by the nazi-leader of each country and to retain their language and customs, but in reality these organizations were completely controlled by the German SS. Their primary tasks were to be a elite political formation, support the local police and fight the resistance.
There were plans to form a Germanische-SS organisation in the neutral Switzerland too. Franz Riedweg received orders to form the Schweizer Sportbund (SS) 1944 but of course the war was soon over and the Swiss SS was never formed.

Germaansche SS Vlaanderen (Belgium)
"Mijn Eer Heet Trouw"

Germaansche SS in Nederland (Holland)
"Mijn Eer Heet Trouw"

Germanske SS Norge (GSSN) (Norway)
"Min Ære er Troskap"

Schalburg-Korps (Denmark)
"Troskab vor Ære"