The Polizei-Selbstschutz-Regiment Sandschak was formed in July 1944 from the Moslem militia, Harun al Rashid, in the Sandjak region of eastern Montenegro.
It was used in antipartisan operations until October 1944 when the partisans captured most of the Sandjak and the regiment practically ceased to exist after a large number of desertions. It was not officially disbanded until early 1945.


Oberstleutnant der Schutzpolizei Otto Mechow (? May 1944 - ? July 1944)
SS-Sturmbannführer und Major der Gendarmerie Ernst Arndt (? July 1944 - ?)

Order of battle

I. Bataillon
II. Bataillon
III. Bataillon
IV. Bataillon

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Reference material on this unit

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