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The Polizei-Freiwilligen-Regiment 2 Kroatien was formed in April 1944 and was used for police duties in Croatia.

This unit took part in anti-partisan operations in Croatia.


Oberst der Schutzpolizei Heinz Huber (? Apr 1944 - ? 1944)
Major der Schutzpolizei Gustav Zuschneid (? 1944 - 20 Oct 1944)
Oberst der Schutzpolizei Richard Paust (20 Oct 1944 - 3 Dec 1944)

Order of battle

I. Bataillon
II. Bataillon
III. Bataillon

Sources used

Phil Nix & George Jerome - The Uniformed Police Forces of the Third Reich 1933-1945
Georg Tessin, Hans-Adolf Neufeldt & Jürgen Huck - Zur Geschichte der Ordnungspolizei 1936-1945

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -