A project by Jan-Hendrik, Bernd R and Dmitrij2

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 11 (Mitte)

Formed in Barth/Pommern as Luftgau-Flakartillerie-Schule XI. In 1942 renamed Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 11 (Mitte) in Barth.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 12 (Mitte)

Stationed in Kitzingen, Luftgau XII/XIII. Disbanded 1943.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 13 (Mitte)

1942 in Stolpmünde, Luftgau III/IV.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 14 (Mitte)

1942 in Lippstadt (had been formed from Luftgau-Flakartillerie-Schule VI). Not in existence 1944.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 15 (Mitte)

1942 in Brüsterort, 1943 in Deep, near Kolberg.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 16 (Mitte)

Stationed in München-Freimann (had been formed from Luftgau-Flakartiilerie-Schule VII).

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 17 (Mitte)

From 1942 in Wien-Stammersdorf. Disbanded 21.4.45.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 18 (Mitte)

Formed 1943 in Bad Saarow/Mark, Luftgau III.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 20 (Süd)

Formed 1942/43 in Grado, Italy. Ended the war in Luftgau XVII.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 21 (Südost)

1943 in Belgrad, Serbia. Disbanded 1944.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 30 (West)

6.44 in Antwerpen. Saw action at s'Hertogenbosch during Operation Market Garden. Served under 16. Flak-Division and 18. Flak-Brigade during the autumn 1944. Disbanded in late autumn 1944.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 31 (West)

Formed in 1941 as Kriegs-Flakartillerie-Schule Westfrankreich, later Luftgau-Flakartillerie-Schule Westfrankreich. In 1942/43 renamed Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 31 (West). Stationed in Chartres during its existence, with Flakartillerie-Schießplatz Biscarosse attached. In 6.44 part of the unit was mobilized as Flak-Abteilung FAS 31 (6 batteries) for combat duties. Both the school and Flak-Abteilung was disbanded after the withdrawal from France.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 40 (Ost)

Formed 1942 in Gorno. 6.44 still in Gorno. Ended the war in Luftgau XVII.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 41 (Ost)

Formed Winter 1942/43 in Radom. 6.44 still in Radom. Ended the war in Luftgau XVII.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 42 (Ost)

Formed Winter 1942/43 in Lilaste, near Riga. 6.44 still in Lilaste.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 50 (Nord)

Formed Winter 42/43 in Tromoy from Luftgau-Flakartillerie-Schule Norwegen. 6.44 in Tromoy. 1945 in Torningmoen.

Feld-Flakartillerie-Schule 51 (Nord)

Formed 1942/43 in Kemijärvi, Finland. 6.44 still in Kemijärvi. Disbanded 9.44 after the evacuation from Finland.