A project by Jan-Hendrik, Bernd R and Dmitrij2

Flakartillerie-Schule I

(* 01.04.1935)
FStO Rerik, for schwere Flak (heavy Flak). In 1942 the Flak-Lehr- und Vesuchs-Abteilung was divided into Flak-Lehr-Abteilung FAS I (6 batteries) and Flak-Versuchs-Abteilung FAS I (5 batteries). In 1944 a combat ready battalion with 3 batteries was formed from both, and this was renamed gem. Flak-Abteilung der Führer-Grenadier-Division. The school remained based at Rerik until the end.
01.04.1935 - 31.01.1938 OTL / O (1.10.35) Alfred Haubold

Flakartillerie-Schule II

FStO Stolpmünde, for leichte Flak (light Flak). In 1943 moved to Rerik-Ost. In 1942 part of the school was mobilized as II. Flak-Lehr- und Versuchs-Abteilung FAS II (4 batteries, later 6. - 8. btys.) and III. Flak-Lehr- und Vesuchs-Abteilung FAS II (3 batteries, later 11. - 13. btys.), and both went into the field. II. ended the war in Luftgau XIV, while III. ended the war in Italy. The school remained in Rerik-Ost until the end.

Flakartillerie-Schule III

Stationed in Berlin-Heiligensee (Funkmeßdienst der Flak).

Flakartillerie-Schule IV

Initially stationed in Göppingen, and later moved to Schongau/Altenstadt (E-Meßdienst und Kommandogeräte).

Flakartillerie-Schule V

Stationed in Baden, near Wien (Horch- und Leuchtdienst). Disbanded 21.4.45.

Flakartillerie-Schule VII

1941 in München-Freimann. Disbanded 1942.