Several Kampfgruppen (combat groups) were created from the Führer-Begleit-Bataillon so the men would gain front line experience for the protection of the Führer HQ.

Kampfgruppe Nähring

(Sep 1941 – Mar 1942)

Employed on security duties in the rear areas of HGr. Nord until December 1941. At Leningrad, Oranienbaum pocket.
Then split up and attached to a number of different formations under command of AOK 16 and AOK 18 with action around the Volkhov swamps, area Tschudowo and the Tichwin–Grusino log road.

Hauptmann Alfred Nähring

Order of battle
Stabszug (LKW)
Pz-Kp (Pz 38(t) )
KradSchtz-Zug (s.MG)
Pz.Jäg-Zug (Pak 38 (mot.) )

Kampfgruppe Pohlmann

(Dec 1942 – Apr 1943)

Built from three companies of FBB. Split up in transit, the tank & Flak platoon joined Kampfgruppe "Schulte" – a regiment sized formation from 298. Infanterie-Division – and spearheaded the breakout of this division from Tschertkowo on 15 Jan 1943. Elements of Führer-Flak-Abt. saw action at Millerowo.
KG Pohlmann reunited on 19 Jan 1943. From then on served with the main body of the "Großdeutschland" division until mid March 1943.

Hauptmann Wilhelm Pohlmann

Oberleutnant Wegmann

Holders of high awards
Holders of the German Cross in Gold (3)
- Dentzer, Gerhard, 14.03.1943, Oberleutnant, 7./Führer-Flak-Abt.
- Matheis, Günter, 14.03.1943, Hauptmann, Kgr. Führer-Begleit-Btl.
- Schüler, Helmuth, 06.03.1943, Hauptmann, 5./Führer-Flak-Abt.
Holders of the Knight's Cross (1)
- Pohlmann, Wilhelm 14.03.1943 Hauptmann Fhr Kgr Führer-Begleit-Btl [= Kgr. Pohlmann]
Holders of High awards

Order of battle
Stabszug (SdKfz 250/1)
1. (Schützen-)Kompanie
1. Schützenzug (SdKfz 251/1)
2. , 3. Schützenzug (LKW)
4. (schwere) Kompanie
1. , 2. Pz.Jäg-Zug (Pak 40 (mot.zg.) )
3. Flakzug (20mm (mot.zg.) )
5. Panzer-(Einsatz-)Kompanie
1 Zug Pz III
1 Zug Pz IV

Kampfgruppe Böhrendt

(Feb – May 1944)

Attached to Panzer-Kampfgruppe Graf Strachwitz , Northern Russia (Narva)

Hauptmann Max Böhrendt

Order of battle
Stabszug (SdKfz 251/1)
2x Schützen-Kompanie
je 3 Schützenzüge
schwere Kompanie
3x Zug Pz IV
1x Zug StuG IV
1 Zug 88mmm (mot.zg.)
1 Zug 37mm (mot.zg.)
2 Züge 20mm (mot.)

11.(Sturm-Pionier-Kp) / Führer-Begleit-Regiment

Was used also as a kind of specialised Kampfgruppe when it was given a special task in Sept 1944 ; action in East Prussia

Holders of High awards
Holders of the German Cross in Gold (8)
- Carl, Erich, 14.11.1945, Obergefreiter, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Hatting, Wilhelm, 14.11.1944, Unteroffizier, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Pleka, Alfred, 28.11.1944, Obergefreiter, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Richter, Franz, 14.11.1944, Obergefreiter, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Schmidt, Fritz, 28.11.1944, Obergefreiter, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Schmidt, Kurt, 14.11.1944, Obergefreiter, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Schulte, Hubert, 15.12.1944, Oberleutnant d.R., Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”
- Winkler, Johann, 28.11.1944, Unteroffizier, 11./Fhr.Begl.Rgt. “GD”

In June / July 1944 out the FBB another Kampfgruppe was formed which was called

Panzergrenadier-Brigade von Werthern

(July 1944 - Aug 1944)

FBB companies used : 2 Pz.Gren. , 1 Gren. , 1 Pz. It was strenghtened with a 88mm Flak battery of the Führer-Flak-Abteilung. Total strength : around 1000 men.
This Brigade / Kgr. was sent to Lithuania on 06.07.1944 ; fightings at WILNA (only remnants came back to FHQ in aug 1944).
Assignments :
15.07.1944 : IX. AK / Pz.AOK 3 (aug, too ?)
16.09.1944 : XXVI. AK / AOK 4

Hauptmann Thilo Freiherr von Werthern

Holders of High awards
Holders of the Commendation Certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army (2)
- Dangl, Friedrich, 05.09.1944 (3813), Leutnant, Kp.Fhr. i. d. Pz.Gren.Brig. “von Werthern”
- Reinhardstoettner von, Dr. Rainer, 05.09.1944 (3814), Stabsarzt, Btl.Arzt i. d. Brig. “von Werthern”
Holders of the German Cross in Gold (1)
- Pötzschke, Gerhard, 22.09.1944, Oberfeldwebel, Pz.Gren.Brig. “von Werthern”
Holders of the Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer (1)
- Francois, Edmund, 15.02.1945, Hauptmann, Pz.Gren.Brig. “von Werthern”
Holders of the Knight's Cross (1)
- Francois, Edmund 20.10.1944 Hauptmann Kdr Pz.Gren.Brig "von Werthern"

Order of battle
2x Panzergrenadier-Kompanie
Flak-Batterie (88mm) (Hauptmann Edmund Francois)