The 1. Panzervernichtungsbrigade Hitlerjugend was formed in February 1945 with officers and NCOs from the Wehrmacht and Hitler Jugend boys as soldiers.
A replacement unit called Panzervernichtungs-Ersatzbrigade Hitlerjugend under HJ-Oberbannführer Ohlendorf belonged to the unit.

This was one of several anti-tank units formed from Hitlerjugend boys during the end of the war but the extreme situation meant that it was usually ad-hoc units that existed under several different names making it very hard to keep track of them. The unit names that show up include Panzer-Nahkampfungbrigade HJ, HJ Regiment Frankfurt/Oder (at least these two are probably the same unit), 1. Panzer-Nahkampfungbrigade , 2. Panzer-Nahkampfungbrigade, 1. Panzerjagdbrigade, Panzer-Jagd Division West and Freikorps Adolf Hitler.


Reichsjugendführer Artur Axmann (on paper only)
Oberbannführer Kern

Order of battle

4 x Bataillone

Sources used

Hans Holzträger - In a Raging Inferno : Combat Units of the Hitler Youth 1944-45

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