The Armeegruppe Student was formed from the staff of the 1. Fallschirm-Armee. The components of Armeegruppe Student were reformed on 11 November 1944 into Heeresgruppe H.

The second Armeegruppe Student was redesignated Armeegruppe Blumentritt on 10 April 1945.


Generaloberst Kurt Student (30 Oct 1944 - 10 Nov 1944)
Generaloberst Kurt Student (28 Mar 1945 - 10 Apr 1945)

Order of battle (30 Oct 1944 - 10 Nov 1944)

1. Fallschirm-Armee
15. Armee
Wehrmachtbefehlshaber Niederlande

Order of battle (28 Mar 1945 - 10 Apr 1945)

Established to control troops on the Weser River from Hameln to the German north coast, historian Charles B. MacDonald described Armeegruppe Student as “a hastily created special force” formed “of units and staffs of Wehrkreise VI and XI, plus some naval troops in the downstream sector near Bremen.

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