During the war, the German army captured huge amounts of weapons from their enemies. Most types were tested by the "Heereswaffenamt". After testing, each type was given a number, followed by the first letter of the country of origin.
This list, compiled by Erik Ettrup, shows the status of most captured weapons up to 1943 (Note that not all weapons entered service in the Wehrmacht).

Gewehr 220(b) Ex "Fusil Mauser FN Modele 1924" - Calibre 7mm
Gewehr 261(b) Ex "Fusil 1889" - Calibre 7,65mm
Gewehr 262(b) Ex "Fusil 35" - Calibre 7,65mm
Gewehr 263(b) Ex "Fusil 36"- Calibre 7,65mm
Zielfernrohrgewehr 264(b) Ex "Fusil 35" (Sniper version) - Calibre 7,65mm
Gewehr 284(b) Ex " ? " (This weapon was made only for export. It was never used in the Belgian army) - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 420(b) Ex "Carabine Mauser FN Modele 1924" (This weapon was made only for export. It was never used in the Belgian army) - Calibre 7mm
Karabiner 451(b) Ex "Carabine 1889" - Calibre 7,65mm
Karabiner 452(b) Ex "Carabine Mauser 98" - Calibre 7,65mm
Karabiner 453(b) Ex "Carabine 1916" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 620(b) Ex "Pistolet 1900" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 621(b) Ex "Pistolet 1910" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 622(b) Ex "Pistolet Colt" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 626(b) Ex "Pistolet Browning" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 640(b) Ex "Pistolet Browning G.P" - Calibre 9mm
Pistole 641(b) Ex "Pistolet Browning" (Police model) - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 740(b) Ex "Mitralette 34 Schmeisser-Byard" - Calibre 9mm

Gewehr 311(d) Ex "Gevær M1889" - Calibre 8mm
Scharfschütsen-Gewehr 312(d) Ex "Finskydningsgevær M28" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 506(d) Ex "Karabin M89" - Calibre 8mm
Pistole 626 (d) Ex "Browning" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 644(d) Ex "Bergmann M1910/21" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 741(d) Ex "Bergmann 34-1" - Calibre 9mm

Gewehr 241(f) Ex "Fusil 07/15 M 34" - Calibre 7,5mm
Gewehr 242(f) Ex "Fusil 1936" - Calibre 7,5mm
Gewehr 301(f) Ex "Fusil 86/93" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 302(f) Ex "Fusil 07/15" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 303(f) Ex "Fusil 1886 R35" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 304(f) Ex "Fusil 1916" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 305(f) Ex "Fusil Mle 1907" - Calibre 8mm
Selbstlade-Gewehr 310(f) Ex "Fusil Automatique 1918" (Semi-automatic) - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 361(f) Ex "Fusil Gras 1874" - Calibre 11mm
Karabiner 551(f) Ex "Mousqueton 1890" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 552(f) Ex "Mousqueton 1892" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 553(f) Ex "Mousqueton 1916" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 561(f) Ex "Mousqueton Gras 1874" - Calibre 11mm
Pistole 623(f) Ex "Pistolet automatique type Star" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 624(f) Ex "Pistolet automatique type Ruby" - Calibre 7,65mm
Pistole 625(f) Ex "Pistolet automatique 1935A" - Calibre 7,65mm
Revolver 634(f) Ex "Revolver Eisbar" - Calibre 8mm
Revolver 635(f) Ex "Revolver" - Calibre 8mm
Revolver 636(f) Ex "Revolver" - Calibre 8mm
Revolver 637(f) Ex "Revolver 1892" - Calibre 8mm
Pistole 642(f) Ex "Pistolet automatique type Astra Mod 1924" - Calibre 9mm
Pistole 647(f) Ex "Pistolet automatique type Colt" - Calibre 38
Revolver 654(f) Ex "Revolver 1873 et 1874" - Calibre 11mm
Maschinenpistole 721(f) Ex "Pistolet mitralleur type E.T.V.s" - Calibre 7,65mm
Maschinenpistole 722(f) Ex "Pistolet mitralleur type SE-MAS 1935F" - Calibre 7,65mm
Maschinenpistole 740(f) Ex "Pistolet mitralleur type Vollmer-Erma" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 761(f) Ex "Pistolet mitralleur type Thompson 21" - Calibre 45

Gewehr 215(g) Ex "Mannlicher-Schönauer 03.14" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 285(g) Ex " Mauser M1930" - Calibre 7,92mm
Gewehr 301(g) Ex "Lebel Mle 1886/93" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 302(g) Ex "Lebel Mle 1907/15" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 305(g) Ex "Lebel Mle 1907" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 306(g) Ex "Mannlicher 95" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 306(g) Ex "Gras 74" - Calibre 11mm
Karabiner 417(g) Ex "Mannlicher-Schönauer M1903" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 417/2(g) Ex "Mannlicher-Schönauer M1903/14" (for use with bayonet) - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 494(g) Ex "Mannlicher Mod 95/24" - Calibre 7,92mm
Karabiner 502(g) Ex "Lebel 92" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 505(g) Ex "Mannlicher M95" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 561(g) Ex "Gras Mle 1874" - Calibre 11mm
Revolver 612(g) Ex "Nagant 95" - Calibre 7,62mm
Revolver 613(g) Ex "Nagant 1912" - Calibre 7,62mm
Revolver 648(g) Ex "Colt" - Calibre 38
Revolver 649(g) Ex "Smith & Wesson" - Calibre 38

Kleinkalibergewehr 201(h) Ex "Geweer tot kamerschietoefeningen" (small calibre rifle) - Calibre 5,5mm
Gewehr 211(h) Ex " Geweer M95" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 212(h) Ex "Geweer M95" (With "winchester type loading") - Calibre 6,5mm
Kleinkaliberkarabiner 401(h) Ex "Karabijn tot kamerschietoefeningen" (Small calibre carabine) - Calibre 5,5mm
Karabiner 411(h) Ex "Karabijn No1" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 412(h) Ex "Karabijn No1 O.M" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 413(h) Ex "Karabijn No3 en 3 O.M" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 414(h) Ex "Karabijn 1 en 1 O.M" - Calibre 6,5mm
Pistole 626(h) Ex "Pistool M25 No1" - Calibre 7,65mm
pistole 641(h) Ex "Pistoole M25 No2" - Calibre 9mm
Revolver 643(h) Ex "Revolver M1912" - Calibre 9,1mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 785(h) Ex "Geweer tp-S 18-1100" (Anti tank rifle) - Calibre 20mm

Gewehr 209(i) Ex "Fucile mod 38" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 210(i) Ex "Fucile Mod 41" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 214(i) Ex "Fucile Mod 91" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 231(i) Ex "Fucile Mod 38 7,35cal" - Calibre 7,35mm
Gewehr 306(i) Ex " Fucile Mannlicher 95" - Calibre 8mm
Ausbildungs-karabiner 407(i) Ex "Moschetto-Balilla" (training carabine) - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 408(i) Ex "Moschetto Mod 38 Cal 6,5" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 409(i) Ex "Moschetto Mod 91" (With foldable bayonet) - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 410(i) Ex "Moschetto Mod 91 TS" (Without foldable bayonet) - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 416(i) Ex "Moschetto Mod 91/24" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 430(i) Ex "Moschetto Mod 38 Cal 7,35" - Calibre 7,35mm
Karabiner 505(i) Ex "Moschetto Mannlicher 95" - Calibre 8mm
Pistole 670(i) Ex "Pistola Mod 1910" - Calibre 9mm
Pistole 671(i) Ex "Pistola Mod 34" - Calibre 9mm
Revolver 680(i) Ex "M89" - Calibre 10,35mm
Maschinenpistole 739(i) Ex "Moschetto automatico Beretta 38A" - Calibre 9mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 770(i) Ex "Fucile anitearro 7,9mm" (Anti-tank rifle) (Originally Polish. Recaptured from Italy) - Calibre 7,92mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 785(i) Ex "Fucile anitearro 20mm S" (Anti-tank rifle) (Ex German Rheinmetall) - Calibre 20mm

Gewehr 211(n) Ex " Krag-Jørgensen M/1891" - Calibre 6,5mm
Zielfernrohr-gewehr 212(n) Ex " Krag-Jørgensen M/1891 med mål teleskop" (Sniper version) - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 213(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen M/1930" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 351(n) Ex "Jarrmann M/1887" - Calibre 10,15mm
Karabiner 411(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen Kavalerikarabin M/1881" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 412(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen Kavalerikarabin M/1895" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 413(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen Ingeniørkarabin M/1904" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 414(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen Artillerikarabin M/1907" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 415(n) Ex "Krag-Jørgensen Karabin M/1912" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 504(n) Ex "Lund Karabin" - Calibre 8mm
Revolver 610(n) Ex "Nagant M/93" - Calibre 7,5mm
Pistole 657(n) Ex "Automatisk pistol M/1914" - Calibre 45

Gewehr 298(p) Ex "Poln M29" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 299(p) Ex "Poln 98" - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 493(p) Ex "Karabinek 1898" - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 497(p) Ex "Karabinek 91/98/25" (Mossin-Nagant91) - Calibre 7,9mm
Revolver 612(p) Ex "Rewolwer Nagan" - Calibre 7,62mm
Pistole 645(p) Ex "Pistolet Vis Vz-35" - Calibre 9mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 770(p) Ex "Karabin 35" (Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 7,8mm

Soviet Union
Kleinkalibergewehr 205(r) Ex "TOS No8" (Small calibre rifle) - Calibre 5,6mm
Kleinkalibergewehr 206(r) Ex "TOS No9" (Small calibre rifle) - Calibre 5,6mm
Gewehr 252(r) Ex "Wintowka obr 1891" - Calibre 7,62mm
Gewehr 253(r) Ex "Dragoner 91" - Calibre 7,62mm
Gewehr 254(r) Ex "Wintowka obr 1891/1930" - Calibre 7,62mm
Gewehr 255(r) Ex" Wintowka obr 1895" (Winchester rifle) - Calibre 7,62mm
Zielfernrohr-Gewehr 256(r) Ex "91/30" (Sniper version of 254(r) - Calibre 7,62mm
Selbstladegewehr 257(r) Ex "36" (Semi-automatic rifle) - Calibre 7,62mm
Selbstladegewehr 258(r) Ex "38" (Semi-automatic rifle) - Calibre 7,62mm
Selbstladegewehr 259(r) Ex "40" (Semi-automatic rifle) - Calibre 7,62mm
Selbstladegewehr 259/2(r) Ex "40" (Semi-automatic rifle, short version) - Calibre 7,62mm
Selbstlade-Zielfernrohrgewehr 260(r) Ex "40Zf" (Semi-automatic sniper rifle) - Calibre 7,62mm
Gewehr 280(r) Ex "Ross M10" - Calibre 7,7mm
Gewehr 282(r) Ex "Ross-Enfield 14" - Calibre 7,7mm
Gewehr 291(r) Ex "24L" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 291(r) Ex "24L" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 298(r) Ex M29(p) (Ex captured Polish weapon) - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 299(r) Ex 98(p) (German K98 captured by Russia in Poland) - Calibre 7,92mm
Karabiner 453(r) Ex "Karabin obr 1910" - Calibre 7,62mm
Karabiner 454(r) Ex "Karabin obr 1924/1927" - Calibre 7,62mm
Karabiner 493(r) Ex "Karabin Obr 1898(p)" (Ex captured Polish rifle) - Calibre 7,9mm
Revolver 612(r) Ex "Revoljver obr Nagant 1895" - Calibre 7,62mm
Pistole 615(r) Ex " Tokarev 1930" - Calibre 7,62mm
Maschinenpistole 715(r) Ex "PPD-40" - Calibre 7,62mm
Maschinenpistole 716(r) Ex "PPD-34/38" - Calibre 7,62mm
Maschinenpistole 717(r) Ex "PPSh-41" - Calibre 7,62mm
Maschinenpistole 718(r) Ex "M42" - Calibre 7,62mm
Maschinenpistole 760(r) Ex "Thompson 28" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 760/2(r) Ex "Thompson 28" (Without forn hand-grip) - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 761(r) Ex "Thompson 21" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 762(r) Ex "Reising" - Calibre 45
Panzerabwehrbüsche 755(r)(Einzellader) Ex "?" (Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 12,7mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 776(r)(Mehrlader) Ex "?" (Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 12,7mm
Panzerabwehrbüsche 783(r) Ex "PTRD Degtjarew M41" (Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 14,5mm
Selbstlade-Panzerabwehrbüsche 784(r) Ex "PTRS Simonow M41" (Semi-automatic Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 14,5mm

United Kingdom
Gewehr 248(e) Ex "Rifle Winchester 30/30" - Calibre .300
Gewehr 249(e) Ex "Rifle Springfield" - Calibre .300
Gewehr 250(e) Ex "Enfield Mod.1917" - Calibre .300
Gewehr 280(e) Ex "Ross .303" - Calibre .303
Gewehr 281(e) Ex "No1 MK III" - Calibre .303
Gewehr 281/2 mit Gewehrgranatgerät(e) Ex "No1 MK III" (With rifle-grenade launcher)
Gewehr 282(e) Ex "No3 MK I" - Calibre .303
Gewehr 282/3(e) Ex "No3 MK I F" (W/diopter) - Calibre .303
Gewehr 283(e) Ex "No4 MK I" - Calibre .303
Zielfernrohr-Gewehr 283/2(e) "Ex No4 MK I" (Sniper version) - Calibre .303
Revolver 646(e) Ex "No2 MK I Webley" - Calibre 38
Revolver 655(e) Ex "No1 MK VI Webley" - Calibre .455
Maschinenpistole 748(e) Ex "Sten MK I" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 749(e) Ex "Sten MK II" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 750(e) Ex "Sten MK III" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 751(e) Ex "Sten" (W/ silencer) - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 752(e) Ex "Owen" (Australian?) - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 760(e) Ex "Thompson 28" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 760/2(e) Ex "Thompson 28" (Without front hand-grip) - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 761(e) Ex "Thompson 21" - Calibre 45
Panzerabwehrbüchse 782(e) Ex "R.B MK I" (Anti-tank rifle) - Calibre 13,9mm
Panzerabwehrwaffe 789(e) Ex "Projector Infantry Anti-tank MK I"

Gewehr 249(a) Ex "Springfield Cal.30 Mod 1903" - Calibre 30
Gewehr 250(a) Ex " Ross Cal.30 Mod 1917" - Calibre 30
Selbstladegewehr 251(a) Ex "M1 Garand" (Semi-automatic rifle) - Calibre 30
Selbstladegewehr 455(a) Ex " U.S Carabin M1" - Calibre 3
Pistole 660(a) Ex " Colt Mod 1911" - Calibre 45
Revolver 661(a) Ex " Colt Mod 1917" - Calibre 45
Revolver 662(a) Ex "Smith & Wesson Mod 1917" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 760(a) Ex "Thompson 28" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 760/2(a) Ex "Thompson 28" (Without front hand-grip) - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 761(a) Ex "Thompson 21" - Calibre 45
Maschinenpistole 762(a) Ex "Riesing" - Calibre 45

Gewehr 214(j) Ex "Puska M91i" - Calibre 6,5mm
Gewehr 221(j) Ex "Puska M10c" - Calibre 7mm
Gewehr 222(j) Ex "Puska M99" - Calibre 7mm
Gewehr 223(j) Ex "Puska M80/7c" - Calibre 7mm
Gewehr 252(j) Ex "Puska M91r" - Calibre 7,62mm
Gewehr 288(j) Ex "Sokol-Puska 7,9mm" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 289(j) Ex "Komitern-Puska 7,9mm" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 290(j) Ex "Puska Brünn Vz24" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 291(j) Ex "Puska M24"(see note below) - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 291/2(j) Ex Puska M24B"(see note below) - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 291/3(j) Ex "Puska M10" (291,291/2 and 291/3 were the same wapon, but different countries of origin made it impossible to switch the parts from each manufacturer) - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 291/4(j) Ex "Puska M99C07" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 292 (j) Ex "Puska M88" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 293(j) Ex "Puska M98" (Same as Geman K98 Mauser) - Calibre 7,92mm
Gewehr 294(j) Ex "Puska M95M 7,9mm" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 295(j) Ex "Puska M9T" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 296(j) Ex "Puska M99T" - Calibre 7,9mm
Gewehr 297(j) Ex "Puska M96T" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 298(j) Ex "Puska M29" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 301(j) Ex "Puska M86" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 302(j) Ex "Puska M7.15F" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 304(j) Ex "Puska M16F" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 306(j) Ex "Puska M95M 8mm" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 307(j) Ex "Puska M93 MR" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 308(j) Ex "Puska M74F" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 309(j) Ex "Puska M91R" - Calibre 8mm
Gewehr 352(j) Ex "Puska M78/80" - Calibre 10,15mm
Gewehr 361(j) Ex "Puska 11mm M71" - Calibre 11mm
Karabiner 416(j) Ex "Karabini M95i" - Calibre 6,5mm
Karabiner 421(j) Ex "Karabini M8C" - Calibre 7mm
Karabiner 491(j) Ex "Karabini M24" (See note below) - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 491/2(j) Ex "Karabini M24B" (See note below) - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 491/3(j) Ex "Karabini M10C" (See note below) - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 491/4(j) Ex "Karabini M99C" (291,291/2 and 291/3 were the same wapon, but different countries of origin made it impossible to switch the parts from each manufacturer) - Calibre 7,9mm
Karabiner 492(j) Ex "Karabini M98" - Calibre 7,92mm
Karabiner 502(j) Ex "Karabini M7/15F" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 503(j) Ex "Karabini M16F" - calibre 8mm
Karabiner 505(j) Ex "Karabini Mannlicher M95M" - Calibre 8mm
Karabiner 561(j) Ex "Karabini Gras M74" - Calibre 11mm
Pistole 641(j) Ex "M10/22 Browning" - Calibre 9mm
Maschinenpistole 760(j) Ex "Thompson 28" - Calibre 45