by Erik Ettrup

The Luftwaffe used the following types of bunkers:
Flak emplacements
Searchlight emplacements
Machinery bunkers
Personell shelters
command posts
Fire control posts
Ammunition bunkers
Radar/communication bunkers

There were standarized bunkers for most of the common Flak, raging from 2cm to 10,5 cm cannons.
In allmost every occation, it consist of a small ammunition store, a pesonell shelter and a radio room with a open emplacement on the roof. The gun is placed in a way that makes it possible to fire on ground targets as well as aircrafts. Emplacements which were used for 2cm flak, also had a concrete cooling jar for the barrels.

There are many variations found within the searchlight bunkers. They usually only consist of a room with power distribution and a shelter, but they may also have a garage to hide away the searchlight.
In large batteries, they may be distributed by external machinery bunkers

Machinery Bunkers
Machinery Bunkers were used within large Flak batteries and supplied several searchlights, radar and other

Personell shelters
Normally soldiers would live in barracks outside the battery. within the battery area there would be personell shelters which was used by the troops on guard. These bunkers were called "Bereitschaftsbunker" and housed from 6 men,
to a whole company.

Command posts
Commandposts were mainly used near radarsites and airports. They housed the officers and staff.

Fire control posts
The fire control post collected information from radars and rangefinders and distributed the datas to the
Flak. These are usually large bunkers on several floors. In the low-countries like Holland, these are found
with a tower on top to get a better wiew. The command post,like the Flak bunker, also have its own gun on
the roof.

Ammunition bunkers
Ammunition bunkers were one of the few bunkers within a battery which had not any built-in cloce defence.
It was a massive construction with roofs atleast 3 meters thick.

Radar/communication bunkers
These bunkers are the largest within the Luftwaffe types. They housed the most important equipment, and were
often placed alone behind the front lines.