In Romania the volksdeutsche (ethnic Germans) were represented by the National-Sozialistische Erneurungsbewegung der Deutschen in Rumänien (formed in 1933 as the Nationale Selbsthilfebewegung der Deutschen in Rumänien as renamed in 1934) under the leadership of Fritz Fabritius. In 1940 Fabritius was replaced as Volksgruppenführer by Andreas Schmidt, the son-in-law of SS-Brigadeführer Gottlob Berger, and the party renamed the NSDAP der Deutschen Volksgruppe in Rumänien. This party would try to copy several of the organizations formed by the NSDAP in Germany, for example the Deutsche Jugendbund in Rumänien (later renamed Deutsche Jugend) as a copy of the Hitlerjugend, the Deutsche Arbeiterschaft in Rumänen a copy of the Deutsche Arbeitsfront and the Deutsche Mannschaft was a copy of the Sturmabteilung.

The Einsatzstaffel (ES) (in some sources written Einsatz-Staffel) was formed as the local paramilitary equivalent of the German SS. An officer's school with the name Heinrich I Führerschule was formed. In 1940 Schmidt placed the ES under SS control.
The uniform was all black with a black and silver badge with an upward pointing black Tyr-rune with a silver Sieg-rune inside.

Sources used

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