The HIPO-korpset (or just HIPO) was an auxiliary police force (Hilfspolizei) in Denmark. It was formed in 1944 from men of the Efterretningstjeneste (ET) of the Schalburg-Korps.

The Lorenzengruppen was a paramilitary group led by Jørgen Lorenzen under the control of the HIPO corps as section 9c. 10 members of this group was executed after the war.


Oktavius Norreen
Erik V. Petersen

Post-war game where the aim is to capture the HIPO men. On display at the Frihedsmuseet in Copenhagen

Sources used

Claus Bundgaard Christensen - Den sorte børs
Carlos Caballero Jurado - Resistance Warfare 1940-45
David Littlejohn - Foreign legions of the Third Reich, vol 1

Reference material on this unit

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