Part of the Anti-Partisan Operations in Croatia series by H.L. deZeng IV

Dates: 10 – 11 May 1944. (1)

Objective: To defend the island of Šolta off the Dalmatia coast from Partisan attack.

Enemy Forces: 1st Dalmatian Assault Brigade/26th Division NOVJ.

Axis Forces:
Grenadier-Rgt. 892/264. Infanterie-Div.
- none -

Conduct of Operations and Results: The Partisan brigade noted above carried out a landing on Šolta and engaged the German garrison consisting of two strong companies of Grenadier-Rgt. 892. The Division sent in 200 reinforcements from Split and the Partisans got back in their boats and withdrew to the island of Vis. On the way back to Vis, a German naval vessel sank the Partisan ship Marin II which was carrying approximately 60 wounded from the fighting on Šolta. The loss figures for the German side are believed to be considerably overstated.

Losses (from Partisan accounts)
Germans: 250 dead and wounded, 52 captured.
Partisans: 40 killed and 129 wounded.

1. [Vojnoistorijski institute] - Hronologija oslobodilačke borbe naroda jugoslavije 1941-1945 (Belgrade, 1964), p.759.