Part of the Anti-Partisan Operations in Croatia series by H.L. deZeng IV

Dates: 20 February – 11 March 1944. (1)

Objective: To destroy Partisan formations in the Papuk Mountain between Valpovo and Ðakovo (Djakovo) and between Pitomača and Sedlarica in the Bilo gora Mountains northwest of Virovitica.

Enemy Forces: Undetermined.

Axis Forces
Stab/Polizei-Rgt. Kroatien
VI./Polizei-Rgt. Kroatien
VIII./Polizei-Rgt. Kroatien
IX./Polizei-Rgt. Kroatien
Polizei-Panzer-Kp. 11
2. Polizei-Geschutz-Batterie Kroatien
Few if any

Conduct of Operations and Results: An all-police operation carried out in two phases in two separate locations over a three week period. No after-action report has been found and it is not mentioned in the postwar Yugoslav histories, so it is not possible to provide any details. From the loss figures, however, it does not appear to have met with much success. The Partisans avoided contact.

Losses (from German records)
Germans: 3 killed and 6 wounded.
Partisans: 91 counted dead and 13 captured.

1. NARA WashDC: RG 242 (T-314 roll 1545/989).