Part of the Anti-Partisan Operations in Croatia series by H.L. deZeng IV

Dates: 21 January – 6 February 1944. (1)

Objective: To re-establish communications along the road between Zagreb and Varaždin, especially the section that passed through the Kalnik Mountains south of Varaždin, and to reconstitute garrisons at Novi Marof and Varaždinske Toplice.

Enemy Forces: 32d Division NOVJ.

Axis Forces:
A few (but not identified)
1st Rgt./PTS (1,700 Ustasha)
V Ustasha Brigade (elements)
V Ust. Brigade (elements)
10cm howitzer battery/PTS
Recruit Group/PTS
A signal platoon from the PTS

Conduct of Operations and Results: The operation was carried out successfully, although the Partisans escaped into the mountains and avoided battle. The sole exception occurred on 1 February near Varaždinske Toplice where the I Battalion of the 1st Regiment/PTS engaged two battalions from 2d Brigade “Matija Gubec”/32d Division NOVJ. The Ustasha lost 11 killed and 15 wounded while the Partisans reported 27 dead, 7 wounded and 46 missing. A complete loss report for this operation has not been found. The operation was continued on 7 February as “Dubrovnik II”.

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