Part of the Anti-Partisan Operations in Croatia series by H.L. deZeng IV

Dates: 2 – 8 January 1944. (1)

Objective: To clear Partisans from mountainous terrain in an arc 20 – 30 kilometers north and northwest of Split in Central Dalmatia in the vicinity of the villages of Zelovo – Kladice – Prgomet – Brstanovo.

Enemy Forces: 20th Division NOVJ.

Axis Forces:
264. Infanterie-Div. (at least one battalion)
Few if any

Conduct of Operations and Results: The area was swept during the dates indicated, but aside from an initial skirmish near Bitelić in the vicinity of Sinj, the Germans were too few in number to locate and bring the Partisans to battle. There were few casualties on either side.

1. [Vojnoistorijski institute] - Hronologija oslobodilačke borbe naroda jugoslavije 1941-1945 (Belgrade, 1964), p.655; NARA WashDC: RG 242 (T-314 roll 561/447ff).