Part of the Anti-Partisan Operations in Croatia series by H.L. deZeng IV

Dates: 28 September – 6 October 1942. (1)

Objective: To retake the key town of Jajce in West Bosnia, which had been captured on 25 September by 4 brigades and one battalion of Partisans after an 18-hour siege. The Croatian garrison of 1,300 (II Bn./9th Infantry Rgt., XVII Ustasha Bn. and half of a howitzer battery) suffered heavy losses during both the siege and the retreat.

Enemy Forces: 4th Montenegrin NOU Brigade, 3d Sandžak NOU Brigade and 3d Krajiški NOP Detachment.

Axis Forces:
718. Infanterie-Div.
7., 9., 10.Pz.Zug/Panzer-Kp.z.b.V. 12 (3 tank platoons with a total of 13 tanks)
Panzerzug 103 u. 104 (Armored Trains 103 and 104)
I and III Bn./5th Infantry Rgt.
I Bn./8th Infantry Rgt.
II Bn./15th Infantry Rgt.
IX Artillery Group
VII and XI Artillery Groups (elements)
3d Co./III Engineer Bn.
3d Co./IV Engineer Bn.
XVII, XX, XXI and XXIV Ustasha Battalions
2 companies/Combat Group Pukovnik Simić
2 companies/I Ustasha Brigade
Tank Co. Pukovnik Francetić (“Black Legion”) (6 tankettes)

Conduct of Operations and Results: As the numerically superior Axis forces closed on Jajce, the Partisan command decided to destroy the war-essential carbide factory and other infrastructure in Jajce and withdraw its forces before they were surrounded. The town was retaken on 4 October and there were few casualties on either side. See Operation “Jajce II” for the combined losses during both operations.

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