by John Mulholland

On the 19th day of November, 1942 the Soviet Army launched their most audacious attack against the German Army since being invaded by them on 22 June 1941.
The Soviet "Winter Campaign", which commenced on this date, had the sole objective of encircling the German Sixth Army,, which was in the process of trying to capture the Soviet city of Stalingrad.
During this encirclement, Stavka (General Headquarters for the Soviet Armed Forces) also hoped to encircle and/or defeat the Romanian Third Army and the German Forth Panzer Army (with portions of the Romanian Forth Army, which was within days of forming, attached).
The subsequent annihilation of these Axis troops (250,000) was the turning point for the German Wehrmacht in World War II.  Never again would they have the ability to convincingly mount an attack against the Soviet Army that concluded with a German victory.

Four days before this catastrophic battle (on 15 November 1942) I have listed the complete Wehrmacht "Order of Battle" and, also, the various leaders of important sections of the Third Reich who, in a few short months, would have to struggle with the concept that the "Thousand Year Reich", as promised by their Führer Adolf Hitler was, just possibly, a myth.

It is my humble opinion that on the 15th of November 1942 few, if any, could have foreseen the slow, downhill demise, of their beloved Reich which would commence in four short days.

All mistakes, typos, and historical errors found below, are the sole responsibility of this writer.

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