Part of the Axis Order of Battle Series by John Mulholland.

(H.R.H. Umberto di Savoia, Prince of Piemont)
Army Grp. Reserves:
- 61st Air Force Sqn. (recon)

FIRST (ITALIAN) ARMY: (Gen.Pietro Pintor)
Army Reserves:
- 4th AA Art. Rgt
- 2nd Army Art.Grp.
- 4th Army Art.Grp.
- 7th Army Art.Grp.
- 8th Army Art.Grp.
- 1st Signal Btl.
- 2nd Cableways Btl.
- 2nd Miners (Mountain Eng) Btl.
- 5th Miners Btl.
- 69th Air Force Sqn. (recon)
- 7th Inf.Div. "Lupi di Toscana" (Gen. Ottavio Priore)
- 16th Inf.Div. "Pistoia" (Gen. Mario Priore)
- 22nd Inf.Div. "Cacciatori delle Alpi" (Gen. Dante Lorenzelli)
- 5th Alp.Div. "Pusteria" (Gen. Amedeo de Cia)
- "Celere" (fast - motor) Grp.
- 1st Bersaglieri Rgt
- 3rd Tank Rgt
- "Cavalleggeri di Monferrato" Cav. Rgt

II (02) (Ital) Corps: (Gen. Francesco Bettini)
4th Mtn.Inf.Div. "Livorno" (Gen. Benvenuto Gioda)
33rd Mtn.Inf.Div. "Acqui" (Gen. Francesco Sartoris)
36th Mtn.Inf.Div. "Forli' " (Gen. Giulio Perugi)
4th Alp.Div. "Cuneense" (Gen.Alberto Ferrero)
Corps Reserves:
- 3rd Guardia alla Frontiera (Frontier Guards) Sector
- 2nd Corps Art.Grp.
- 2nd Eng Grp.
- 7th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 14th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 22nd Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- "Valle Stura" Alpini Btl.
- "Val Maira" Alpini Btl.
- 6th MMG. Btl.
- 102nd MMG. Btl.
- 109th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 114th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 5th "Artieri" (Construction Eng) Btl.
- 2nd Tank Coy.
- 84th Telegraph Coy.
- 152nd Workers Coy.
- 1st Chemical Coy.
- 72nd Searchlights Section
- 6th Mobile Pigeon-Messengers Unit

III (03) (Ital) Corps: (Gen. Mario Arisio)
3rd Inf.Div. "Ravenna" (Gen. Edoardo Nebbia)
6th Inf.Div. "Cuneo" (Gen. Gen.Carlo Melotti)
Corps Reserves :
- 2nd Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 3rd Corps Art.Grp.
- 3rd Eng Grp.
- 16th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- "Val Venosta" Alpini Btl.
- 3rd MMG. Btl.
- 103rd MMG. Btl.
- 112th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 10th "Artieri" (Construction Eng) Btl.
- 7th Telegraph Coy.
- 72nd Telegraph Coy.
- 3rd Blackshirts Btl.
- 4th Blackshirts Btl.
- 8th Mobile Pigeon-Messengers Unit

XV (15) (Ital) Corps: (Gen.Gastone Gambara)
5th Inf.Div. "Cosseria" (Gen. Alberto Vassari)
37th Mtn.Inf.Div. "Modena" (Gen. Alessandro Gloria)
44th Inf.Div. "Cremona" (Gen. Umberto Mondino)
Alpini Grp. (4 x Alpini Btl.s - 2 x Alpini Art. Btl.s - 1 x Blackshirts Btl.)
Corps Reserves:
- 1st Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 5th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 15th Corps Art.Grp.
- 11th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 24th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 15th MMG. Btl.
- 108th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 111th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 9th "Artieri" (Construction Eng) Btl.
- 71st Telegraph Coy.
- 76th Telegraph Coy.
- 100th Radio Coy.
- 33rd Blackshirts Btl.
- 34th Blackshirts Btl.

FOURTH (ITALIAN) ARMY: (Gen. Alfredo Guzzoni)
Army Reserves :
- 1st AA Art. Rgt
- 1st Army Art.Grp.
- 6th Army Art.Grp.
- 9th Army Art.Grp.
- 5th Eng Grp.
- 1st Miners Btl.
- 3rd Miners Btl.
- 5th Air Force Sqn. (recon)
- 2nd Telegraph Coy.
- 129th Radio Coy.
- 11th Inf.Div. "Brennero" (Gen. Arnaldo Forgiero)
- 58th Inf.Div. "Legnano" (Gen. Edoardo Scala)
- 2nd Alp.Div. "Tridentina" (Gen. Ugo Santovito)
- "Celere" Grp.
- 4th Bersaglieri Rgt
- 1st Tank Rgt
- "Nizza Cavalleria" Cav.Rgt

I (01) (Ital) Corps: (Gen. Carlo Vecchiarelli)
1st Mtn.Inf.Div. "Superga" (Gen. Curio Barbasetti di Prun)
24th Inf.Div. "Pinerolo" (Gen. Giuseppe de Stefanis)
59th Mtn.Inf.Div. "Cagliari" (Gen. Antonio Scuero)
Corps Reserves :
- 8th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 9th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 1st Corps Art.Grp.
- 19th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 23rd Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- "Susa" Alpini Btl.
- "Val Cenischia" Alpini Btl.
- 3rd Alpini Grp. (3 Btl.s)
- 1st MMG. Btl.
- 101st MMG. Btl.
- 113th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 11th "Artieri" (Construction Eng) Btl.
- 78th Telegraph Coy.
- 83rd Telegraph Coy.
- 96th Radio Coy.
- 11th Blackshirts Btl.
- 3rd Mobile Pigeon-Messengers Unit

IV (04) (Ital) Corps: (Gen.Camillo Mercalli)
2nd Mtn.Inf.Div. "Sforzesca (Gen. Alfonso Ollearo)
26th Mtn.Inf.Div. "Assietta" (Gen. Emanuele Girlando)
Corps Reserves :
- 7th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 4th Corps Art.Grp.
- 8th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 4th MMG. Btl.
- 104th Positional MMG. Btl.
- 1st "Artieri" (Construction Eng) Btl.
- 73rd Telegraph Coy.
- 92nd Telegraph Coy.
- 98th Radio Coy.
- 11th Mobile Pigeon-Messengers Unit

(Ital) Alpini Corps (Gen. Luigi Negri)
1st Alp.Div. "Taurineense" (Gen. Paolo Micheletti)
Alpini Grp. "Levanna"
3rd Alpini Rgt
Corps Reserves :
- 10th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
- 12th Guardia alla Frontiera Art.Grp.
- 103rd Positional MMG. Btl.
- 110th Positional MMG. Btl.
- Alpini Btl. "Duca d'Aosta"
- Alpini ski unit "Monte Bianco"
- Alpini "Arditi" (Assault Troops) Unit
- 13th Blackshirts Btl.

Tables of Organization

Divisione fanteria (Infantry Div.)
- 2 Infantry (3 btl.s.- not motorized) Rgts.
- 1 Legione Camicie Nere Black Shirt legion (2 btl. of Light infantry)
- 1 horse-drawn or pack (with mules) Arty Rgt.

Divisione corazzata (Armored Div.)
- 1 Medium/Light Tank Rgt.
- 1 Bersaglieri (2 Trucks-1 Motorcycle btl.) Rgt. -
- 1 towed Arty Rgt.

Divisione motorizzata (Motorized Div.)
- 2 Infantry (with 2 truck btl.) Rgt. -
- 1 Bersaglieri (2 Trucks - 1 Motorcicles btl.) -
- 1 towed Arty Rgt.

Divisione celere (Fast Div.)
- 2 Mounted Cavalry Rgts. 1 Bersaglieri (3 Trucks btls.)
- 1 Light Tank Btl.) Rgt. -
- 1 towed Arty Rgt.

Divisione alpine (Alpine Div.)
- 2 Infantry (with 3 not motorized btl.) Rgts.
- 1 pack (with mules) Arty Rgt.,

Divisione Autotrasportabile and Divisione Autotrasportabile AS
(Auto.Div. and Auto.Div.-N.Afr.)
- 2 Infantry (with 3 btls.) Rgts.
- 1 towed Arty Rgt.
- (This is a strange Division (between Infantry and Motorized Division) with Infantry lorried but, without own transport units (pooled at Corps level)

Divisione Milizia (Militia Div.)
- 2 Black Shirt legion (2 btl. of Light infantry)
- 1 horse-drawn or pack (with mules) Artillery Regiment

Divisione Libica (Libyan Div.)
- 2 Libyan group (3 btl. of Light infantry)
- 2 horse-drawn Artillery Btl.

Note: All units are Italian unless otherwise indicated.
All errors, omissions, or “typos” are those of the writer.


Most of the information, above, supplied by: Arturo Lorioli.
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