The SS-Regiment Ney was formed as SS-Regimentsgruppe Ney at Súr south of Budapest on 20 October 1944 by Dr. Karoly Ney, 1st secretary of the Keleti Arcvonal Bajtársi Szövetség (KABSz - Alliance of Eastern Front Veterans), an far-right organization that supported the overthrow of Admiral Horthy. This organization was the source of the first 300 Hungarian volunteers with weapons being provided for 22. SS-Freiwilligen-Kavallerie-Division Maria Theresa.
During the Konrad I and Konrad II operations of relive Budapest it was attached to IV. SS-Panzerkorps and split up between 3. SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf and 5. SS-Panzer-Division Wiking. It took part in the fighting retreat from Hungary into Austria being split up between various German divisions and it surrendered to the US forces near the Attersee Mountain on 9 May 1945.

This unit is sometimes refered to as SS-Brigade Ney.

Known war crimes

Eight downed USAAF men were captured by the regiment 1 March 1945, three were sent to the Germans but the remaining five were executed near Súr.
Six member of the unit were tried for this crime in Salzburg, Austrua, in 1946 in case 5-100; Karoly Ney (sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment in September 1946 after a review), Ferenc Karolyi (sentenced to death, commuted to life imprisonment in September 1946 after a review), Istvan Eros (life imprisonment), Istvan Lengyel (life imprisonment), Miklos Bakos (executed) and Istvan Csihas (executed).


Dr. Karoly Ney

Manpower strength

1 Jan 1945 2.000
1 Apr 1945 4.291 (3.100 fighting troops)

Order of battle (24 Dec 1944)

HQ Company
2 x Infantry Battalion
Supply Company

Order of battle (1 Apr 1945)

HQ Company
3 x Infantry Battalion
Replacement Battalion
Supply and Transport Battalion

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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