The 184. Parachutist Division Nembo was formed in December 1942 from 185. Parachutist Regiment from 185. Parachutist Division Folgore. The 183. Regiment was sent to North Africa were it was destroyed and the 185. Parachutist Regiment was sent to northeastern Italy to fight partisans. It was later sent to Sicily were it fought the Allies and it continued fighting them on the mainland when Sicily was evacuated.
The rest of the division was sent to Sardinia in June 1943.

Honor Titles

Nembo means cloud.

Order of battle

183. Nembo Parachutist Regiment
- 10. Parachutist Battalion
- 15. Parachutist Battalion
- 16. Parachutist Battalion
184. Nembo Parachutist Regiment
- 12. Parachutist Battalion
- 14. Parachutist Battalion
- 23. Parachutist Battalion
185. Nembo Parachutist Regiment
- 3. Parachutist Battalion
- 8. Parachutist Battalion
- 11. Parachutist Battalion
184. Nembo Artillery Regiment
184. Guastatori Engineer Battalion

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -