The 154. Infantry Division Murge was mobilized in April 1942 as a depot division. It was sent to Dalmatia as an occupation force.
In July 1942 the German Ministerialrat Schnell made a formal protest after the chief of staff of the Murge division had refused to comply with his request to throw of the Jews in Mostar from their homes so they could be used as housing for German forces as it was "incompatible with the honour of the Italian Army to take special measures against Jews". (1)

In March 1943 it was withdrawn for refitting after suffering heavy losses in fighting with the partisans. It was disbanded following the Italian surrender.

103 Btgl Mitr Autoc (C.A.) was assigned to the division and served in the area of Konijc - Bradina until it was captured by the partisans in early 1943. On 22 March 1943 the men were freed. In April to September they were stationed in Dubrovnik and the island of Lopud. On 16 September they were taken prisoner by the Germans and sent to a POW camp.

This unit took part in anti-partisan operations in Croatia.

Order of battle

259. Murge Infantry Regiment
260. Murge Infantry Regiment
154. Artillery Regiment
154. Machine Gun Battalion
154. Engineer Battalion
Motor Transport Section
Medical Section
Supply Section
Carabinieri Section


1. "All or nothing: The Axis and the Holocaust 1941-1943" by Jonathan Steinberg, page 44.

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