The Lettische SS-Freiwilligen Legion was raised in February 1943 and was promptly expanded to a division and redesignated 15. Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS (lettische Nr. 1).

SS-Rottenf├╝hrer (Latvian volunteer)
This Waffen-SS Model 1943 gray-green wool tunic with 5 button front and four patch pockets represents an SS-Rottenfuhrer volunteer from Latvia. Interior stenciled with SS-Bekleidungswerke (SS-Clothing Works). Insignia includes embroidered runic collar tab, rank collar tab with double silver litzen, embroidered sleeve eagle, twin silver-matt chevrons on black wool triangle and two-piece Latvian volunteer shield. Shoulder straps are slip on with black tops and white piping. The Latvian sleeve shield is the early two-piece, which was originally issued to Latvian police units, which developed into the "Latvian Legion", which further evolved into the 15. SS-Panzergrenadier-Division. The overseas cap has two-piece machine-woven eagle and skull insignia. A black leather belt and enlisted aluminum SS buckle completes the display.
Note: string on the left front of the overseas cap hold on two ex-Soviet museum property tags.
(Courtesy of Willi Schumacher)

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